Apple’s 2017 Spring iPhone 7/7 Plus Cases Get Unboxing, Hands-On [VIDEO]


YouTube channel DetroitBORG has shared a hands-on video of Apple’s newest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus leather and silicone cases, which gained a spring 2017 refresh this week.

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The cases for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are in Azure, Camellia and Pebble in both leather and silicone, to match the company’s newest Apple Watch bands.

If you are considering one of these cases and don’t have an Apple Store near you, check out the detailed video below for a better idea of what the colours are like, to help your buying decision:

Anyone nabbing one of these new cases?


  • Eric

    I’m curious if he keeps them all or returns them.

  • Olley

    Among all the tech channels on youtube, I dislike this guy a lot… friggin quest for ratings, there’s absolute unnecessary to buy all the colours just to make a video. Super desperate.

    other channels I hate and block:
    Unboxtherapy – obnoxious channel with his fat face in every thumbnails. Also very clickbaity.
    Ijustineslut – this blond chick wakes up one day and thinks she could cross over from makeup tutorials to tech world because guys would sub her for her VJJ. disgusting.
    TLD – enough with best tech under $50 bucks 100 bucks or whatever. casey nastate of tech world.