25 Apple Stores in Canada Have AirPods, Worldwide Locations Sold Out


AirPods are sold out worldwide at Apple Stores right now, except for one location in France, the Apple Aix-en-Provence. The reason is because AirPods have been stockpiling at Apple Stores in Canada, as right now there are 25 locations with stock.

Yesterday, according to tracker and, Canadian Apple Stores started to get numerous shipments of AirPods, allowing customers to do reserve and pick up, bypassing the online order wait times, which currently sit at six weeks.

The map below shows all the Apple Stores in Canada and the USA, with green pins showing AirPods in stock, while red means unavailable or sold out:

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There are 29 Apple retail locations in Canada, and right now 25 of them have AirPods. The locations sold out in Canada are Richmond Centre and Oakridge in Metro Vancouver, Southgate Centre in Edmonton, and DIX30 in Montreal. Meanwhile, everyone else on the planet is calling their friends in Canada to buy them a pair of AirPods.

Again, if you don’t have AirPods yet, the best way to is sign up for email alerts from and you’ll be notified in real-time, or follow them on Twitter, @airpodsalerts.


  • DonatelloNinjaTurtle

    Amazing. Was able to pick some up earlier today.

    Very convenient to purchase online and choose pick up in store. No need to rush over when doing that.

  • Nice!

    Yes, what a treat to have so many stores in Canada to have AirPods in stock.

  • BigCat

    Thanks very much Gary!!

    I had actually stopped checking, but after seeing your post was able to reserve a pair for pickup.

  • Awesome news 🙂

  • Christine Williams

    So why is Apple stocking Canada with AirPods and not the rest of the world? Clearly Apple agrees with me with what I said a few days ago about Canadian men. There you go boys. Stock the most feminized country first. Apple must have read the reply to my comment when a guy commented on his blue man purse, needing something to match. Lol

  • johnnygoodface

    Just got mine this afternoon at DIX30 and they’re amazing! Was worth the 2 hours trip! Still wondering what Canada did to be on top of the list this time! Santa must have found that we’ve been good kids this year!

  • Ben

    Picked mine up in Halifax today. Woot. Apple has a hit on their hands!

  • iFone

    Lol. Yeah, Apple really was waiting anxiously for your comment. Have considered becoming Cook’s top adviser?

  • Chrome262

    I actually don’t have a man purse, have a black backpack, if that counts. its probably they over estimated the demand here.

  • Chrome262

    When I went to pick mine up (canceling my web order) there were quite a few there, I asked the guy if it was because of low demand, he said that at first people didn’t realize they were there and didn’t bother looking for them. Then people found out on the web and he says i was lucky to get mine. He said they always send more to main city locations anticipating larger demands, his experience at least