Here Are Realistic 3D Renders of a Gold ‘iPhone 5S’, Lime Green ‘iPhone 5C’ [PICS]


Designer Martin Hajek is at it again with his ultra-realistic renders of Apple’s devices. This time around he has released renders of the rumoured (and crazy) gold iPhone 5S and low-cost iPhone 5C in lime green. Check them out below:





Last time, we saw Hajek release his iPhone 5C packaging concept (and ‘iPhone lite’ as well) which could easily fool the average person. Apple is expected to hold an iPhone event on September 10, where we should see the launch of the iPhone 5S, iOS 7 and possibly the low-cost iPhone 5C. What do you think of these 3D renders? They could definitely fool your friends on Facebook.


  • wstoneman

    Apple is trying to take the lead in the pimp market share.

  • Nathan Brophy

    The gold could also help with their market share in China.

  • If you ain’t got bling you’re nothing.

  • MikeJenkinson

    Looking forward to a giant rush of people buying gold iPhones and then putting them in black cases to protect them.

  • LOL. OtterBox is eagerly waiting for these people!

  • Sydney Roo

    What did he render these with? A potato?

  • Top secret

  • Sydney Roo

    A potato with an instragram filter.

  • Maybe it was made with #nofilter

  • Chrome262

    I know they say the 5 doesn’t need a case but i still put mine in semi transparent Caze ultra thin one, its thin and looks nice. But I have pals with White phones and they don’t do it because they want to show off the white, so they would buy the gold. Although, I don’t think I will be seen with them. i

  • Chrome262

    Or a Red phone, that would help as well

  • Chrome262

    Ghetto Gold, just like the low rider Impala I have, perfect.