New 3D Renders Imagine ‘iPhone 8’ Leaks in White [PICS]


Designer Martin Hajek, known for his 3D renders of Apple products, has released a new set of images, this time imagining the ‘iPhone 8’ in white, based on leaked dimensions we’ve seen on the web.

Hajek explains on his website, “why are all the leaks of black models? Renderings of the upcoming iPhone 8 in black..and white!”

Check out a few of the 3D renders below and let us know what you think:

Iphone 8 white

Iphone 8 white 2

Iphone 8 white 3

Iphone 8 white 4

Last month, Hajek posted 3D renders comparing Apple’s HomePod to the Sonos Play 1 and Mac Pro.

Last week, we saw an alleged hands-on of an ‘iPhone 8’ dummy unit, posted by @OnLeaks and another showing comparison pictures to the iPhone 7 Plus.


  • Tim

    Hmm, this is actually the first time I haven’t minded the look of a (potential) white iphone. With the massive bezels on the front of current models, I find that white iphones look terrible.

  • Mac

    with touch I.D. under glass???

  • FragilityG4

    For a designer he seems to always miss the little things. He’s rendered this displaying iOS 11 with the iOS 10 signal indicator. Not to mention the Apple logo is too big. He’s a hack.

  • FragilityG4

    This is not a leak it’s a digital rendering of the iPhone based on rumours.

  • Mamba

    I think it’s great that finally, it is not Usman posting these as “stunningly brilliant beautiful concepts created” by his man crush Martin Hajek, and actually calling them as what they truly are – 3D renders of leaked info.

  • I’d totally go for a Jet White iPhone