Rumour Claims Only 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Will Have 128GB Storage Option


Earlier this morning rumours claimed Apple would launch iPhone 6 sales on September 19 and skip the option for 16GB models. Now, supply chain sources tell Asian publication Wei Feng (via MacRumors) only the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will have an option for 128GB of memory, excluding the 4.7-inch model (Google Translation below):

Wei Feng network news, according to the latest reports from an Apple supply chain this year, Apple will add a high-saved version of iPhone 6, which is 128GB. However, 128GB version only for 5.5 inches models.

Rumours claim Apple will differentiate the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 from the ‘smaller’ 4.7-inch model by offering more features, such as optical image stabilization. Recent surveys note consumers may be willing to pay a premium of $100 more for the larger iPhone 6 model.

Apple currently offers 128GB options for its iPad Air and Retina iPad mini, something iPhone owners have longed for as on-device storage needs continue to grow. By offering a 128GB option for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6, the report notes it would allow the device to act accordingly as a ‘phablet’.

Now, if this rumour holds true, let’s hope Apple will price entry 32GB iPhone 6 versions the same as they would 16GB models. Or do you think they might skip the 16GB price and just start it at 32GB pricing?

Would you pay extra for a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 to get access to 128GB of storage?


  • derrick

    Yes I would. Been longing for either more storage or external since the last iPhone. I like to carry my entire music library with me, so the new 128gb option will be perfect.

  • moz

    I wouldn’t pay any amount of money for the 5.5 phablet because I have no interest in them what so ever.

  • Tim

    128gb 5.5″ iphone 6 will probably retail for $1099 unlocked. (Or something ridiculous).

  • FragilityG4

    5.5″ iPhone? No thanks … I already have an iPad and a MacBook Pro.

  • Al

    Extra storage is what iCloud is for. I suspect, if they discontinue 16GB (which they should), that they will move the pricing of the 32GB down to take its place. It follows industry trends with regard to storage for most anything.

  • But iCloud only mirrors what’s on the phone in most cases. I see iCloud more as a backup and sharing solution than an additional storage solution.

    iCloud also doesn’t help if you’re travelling and don’t have network access.

  • Al

    Apps are typically what take up the most space. You can leave rarely used larger apps (including games) on the cloud and download as needed (in advance, if you are going to be somewhere where it’s not practical to download).

    The same applies to videos. Only have a few on your phone at any given time (if any). Podcasts should be set to only have the most recent episodes of whatever you listen to or watch. All easy things to set up.

    Photos also take up room, and I know Apple pushes their photo catalog thing, and how you can “easily” access all your photos, but that’s really just to feed a bad habit. People don’t delete bad or redundant photos enough. Typically, 1 in 10 should be kept. So, in a practical sense, photos should not dominate your storage space.

    Things may change in a few years as apps become larger and require more data for all that they do, and perhaps as picture files become larger. But we aren’t there yet.

    You can be lazy and just leave everything on your phone, or you can properly manage it with minimal effort.

  • I agree with you on everything except for games. Because of how Apple has set up apps to store their data, if you delete a game you lose all of your progress. There’s a few games that have started saving game data in iCloud, which allows you to delete the app and then re-install it later to pick up where you left off, but not enough are doing that. I’d love the option to keep an app’s data on the device when you delete an app.

    I tend to be lazy and leave everything on my phone. Every now and then if I have a few spare minutes I’ll go through and start deleting photos. I think in my case, maybe even less than 10% should be kept, but the iPhone isn’t the best device to compare photo quality on, so I sometimes find it difficult to choose which ones to delete.

  • bionicmonk

    The bezel on the bigger iPhones looks utterly daft. I really hope the guesses as to the design are wrong.

  • Al

    Hmmm… It seems every time I delete a game it asks me if I want to save the data… unless it’s already saved through game centre. If I have an urge to delete a game to save space, the game isn’t that important to me anyway – or I haven’t even gotten around to playing it yet.

    It appears that the iOS 8 replacement for the (almost worthless) PhotoStream will help address the problem of editing your collection. The new replacement is what I initially assumed PhotoStream was supposed to be when it was first introduced.

    I have a 64GB iPhone and am always sitting on the edge of full. But I, admittedly, have way more crap on there than I ever use, so I could easily delete more if I need the space for something else. 128GB would just turn me into a file hoarder and I would get lost in my own device 🙂

  • App hoarding is unstoppable.

    “Hmm…I might use this app one day”

  • Al

    Human race lost the battle when we started downloading 3 different types of tipping apps, because we couldn’t figure out 15% in our heads 🙂

  • reformcanada

    Finally! 128GB is 100% necessary. I have had to creatively play around with the space on my 64GB 4S. I will not upgrade, unless they upgrade flash storage options.

  • Anon

    I take a lot of video with my iPhone. Uploading video to any cloud service is extremely slow, and not an option.

  • Steve

    Even you, yourself admit that you are loaded at 64GB. Sure you can organize crap, upload to cloud here, delete there, where as if you had 128GB or even 256, you won’t have to worry about doing any of that BS. lol

  • Anon

    I stream all my music via Sound Cloud. Might want to try it…

  • Al

    You missed the point of what I was saying. Re-read the rest of that paragraph. I’m essentially saying I use my phone to its fullest extent only because I can. But, as I was saying, I don’t need to.

  • Al

    Ok, I’m curious… Why do you have video on your phone that is only intended for you own eyes on a small screen? And why do you keep it there if it is not important enough to backup to either the cloud or your computer through iTunes?

  • Anon

    It’s not only intended for my eyes only (for work as well as personal). I do backup, but I need to keep it locally on phone as reference as well as to have other people view it as well.

  • Al

    So, you just contradicted yourself, plus the scenario you just gave is illogical. Please don’t try to make a point with a lie. Now you just look stupid.