T3 Releases 3D Concept Render of Larger 5.7-Inch iPhone [VIDEO]


Screen Shot 2013 06 21 at 11 06 15 AM

T3 has previously released concepts such as this ‘iPhone 6’ mockup with a wraparound display. Now, they have just published a 3D render of what they imagine a 5.7-inch iPhone would like like, to take on larger ‘phablets’ from Samsung.

iPhone 5.7 concept: 3D concept render. There’s been rumours that Apple is planning to launch an iPhone with a larger screen that’ll take on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. What will it look like and what would a bigger screen bring to the iPhone? We cranked up the 3D rendering machine.

What do you think? Are you interested in a ‘phablet-sized’ iPhone?


  • K3

    LOVE IT! I have got to be at a urinal holding one of those things. ????????

  • Kirk

    I’m not a fan… With iOS 7 combined to it you might as well call it iPhone Samsung… Lol… I’m kidding, but honestly I never had any issues with a 4 inch screen, but if that was how apple wanted to role I might take a bite…Of that apple! *insert drumroll here*

  • OMAC

    Yes please! The whole idea of keeping the screen small so you can touch with your thumb everywhere went out the window for me with iPhone 5 anyway so bigger the better, the swipe back on iOS 7 really helps with not needing your thumb in the top corners, can’t see apple going this far especially with 5s but would love to see this happen in the future

  • Shorty_dammit


  • Chrome262

    I like the screen the way it is now, I can see the appeal of a bigger screen but seriously, I like that my phone fits in my pocket.

  • Phil

    The resolution is wrong (Apple has never used that format) and I don’t think they’d keep an iPhone type design either. They’d go for 2048 * 1536 resolution the same as the iPad retina in order to keep it simple for the developers, and they would use an iPad mini design. Maybe they’d call it the iPad Nano. A 4.7 inch iPhone however would make sense, if they reduce the size of the bezel further.