Apple to Release Even Bigger 5.8-inch iPhone with AMOLED Display [DigiTimes]


According to a new DigiTimes pre-publication note obtained by The Motely Fool (via MacRumors), Apple is planning to release an even bigger iPhone than the current 5.5” iPhone 6s Plus, featuring a 5.8” AMOLED display in 2017 or 2018. DigiTimes is claiming through its supply chain sources that 50 million of these AMOLED-equipped iPhones will be delivered to customers in the first year of availability, with Samsung reported to be the main display supplier, while LG Display and Japan Display will be “joining in later”.

Biglittleiphone large

The source highlights that even though LG Display will be in a position to supply AMOLED displays in high volumes next year, Japan Display is targeting 2018 for the mass-production start of OLED displays. KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo has also recently predicted that Apple is planning to release two variants of its larger iPhone 7 Plus, one with a single-lens camera and one with a dual-lens camera. The source claims that the dual-lens variant, which is sometimes referred to as the ‘iPhone Pro’, may be the first Apple handset to feature an AMOLED panel.

“Although it doesn’t appear that the initial iPhone Pro will come equipped with an AMOLED display, particularly if it launches alongside the iPhone 7/7 Plus this fall, it could make a lot of sense for a second-generation iPhone Pro — which could launch in the fall of 2017 — to come equipped with such a display. Such a product would surely be priced higher than the already pricey Plus model, meaning that even if the AMOLED displays on the device cost more, the device’s higher price should more than offset the component cost increase”.

Apple is currently expected to launch of a new 4-inch “iPhone SE” at a special media event later this month.


  • I currently have the 6s Plus and it’s fantastic. I hope they shrink the bezels, rather than increase the phone size to make up that extra .3″

  • OliChabot

    Think they should shrink the bezels and make the iPhone 7 a 5inch screen and iPhone 7+ a 5,8 or 6inch screen.

  • Wall Man

    I agree. I can’t really see the phone physically getting bigger. But shrinking the bezels would do wonders for the current Plus and I’d guess the ‘Pro’ would be along the same size as the current Plus. The current Note5 with a 5.7″ screen is slightly shorter and narrower than the current Plus.

    Surprised nobody’s mentioned it yet, but this is Apples way to totally segment the market. So if they launch a Pro in Sept the product line up would look something like?

    4″ – SE
    4.7″ – 6s
    5.5″ – 6s Plus
    4.7″ – 7
    5.5″ – 7 Plus
    5.8″ – 7 Pro

    Remember the good old days when it was just the 4 and 4s? 😉

  • Hah yup, the iPhone 4 was the first phone I waited in a 8 hour lineup on launch to get, but it was also my last iPhone before going to Android for 4 years. I returned to Apple for the iPhone 6, now I have a 6s plus.