$50 iTunes Cards are 10% Off at 7-Eleven Until November 30 [u]


If you’ve been waiting for an iTunes Card sale, check out your local 7-Eleven store has right now $50 cards are available for 10% off at $45 until the end of November, saving you $5.

(image from August 2014)

By funding your iTunes Account with discounted cards, you can save on any digital purchase from Apple. 7-Eleven periodically holds iTunes Cards sales across its locations in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

You can also get year-long ‘discounts’ from Costco, as $100 iTunes Card multipacks are available for $89.99 (it’s $5 more if you purchase online from

[via RFD]


  • guest

    I’ve been waiting, but isn’t iTunes card sale usually 15% off? Is the trend now only 10%, or should I wait longer?

  • Ryne

    If you can’t afford the $5.00, maybe you should be looking for a better job. If you want something, just buy it. Why wait for a sale, pathetic.

  • Brad

    The $100 Multi-Packs at my Costco (AB) are $89.99

  • Pir8

    Just jailbreak. You won’t have tp pay a dime.

  • I paid $89.99 at Costco (Vancouver) as well.

  • Ah, I’ve updated my article to reflect that price, thanks. charges $5 more, most likely to compensate for shipping.