$50 iTunes Cards Are $10 Off at Staples and 7-11 [Update]


Periodically iTunes Cards are on sale at various retailers and if you missed out on the last sale, Staples is currently offering $50 iTunes Cards for $10 off, savings of 20%. These cards can be used to fund your iTunes account for purchases in the App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes, iBookstore and more.

By consistently funding your iTunes account with these card sales, you are essentially getting a 20% discount on every single purchase you make (now that’s so S M R T).

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this, or if you spot any other iTunes cards sales.

Thanks Nick!

Update: 7-11 also has this 20% off deal on iTunes cards (thanks @jugaaru).

Update 2: Real Canadian Superstore also has this deal (thanks @justywusty).


  • Chris

    That’s what everyone is getting for Christmas! 🙂

  • stocking stuffers! APPS FOR ALL!

  • JFG

    Is this across Canada? I’m in Quebec and can’t find any confirmation on their website and can’t even load their flyer 😐

    Guess I’ll have to stop by a store

  • JFG

    Nevermind, it was an issue with my browser. Got to the flyer and it’s available in my postal code. Great!

  • MikeJenkinson

    My Real Canadian Superstore yesterday did NOT have this deal. My local 7-11 did.