Here are 50 More iOS 9 Hidden Features [VIDEO]


Whenever a new version of iOS is released, people pour through the mobile OS with a fine tooth comb to spot changes. YouTube channel EverythingApplePro has released yet another video, this time titled ’50 More iOS 9 Hidden Features’, which shares more settings and features we can expect when the public release of iOS 9 comes this fall.

Check out the video below:

Which iOS 9 features are you happy to see so far?

If you haven’t seen his first video featuring 50 features, you can check it out here. These might be a good to bookmark so you’ll be ready to try them out this fall.


  • poopchute

    A lot of nice little touches. I can’t wait for this one.

  • jabohn

    I’ve waited so long for them to do SOMETHING with the clock app. Finally you can alter the vibration.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    The Best one is capability to side load apps just like Android . if this is true this will be awesome and might turn out to be a big one.