64 GB iPhone 4 is Real: Hands on Video


Yesterday we wrote about the 64 GB iPhone 4, and today it turns out that phone is indeed real. The folks over at M.I.C. Gadget got hands on with the 64 GB iPhone 4 prototype, which appears to have been leaked from the Foxconn factory.

The prototype is similar to the one Gizmodo ‘found’ in a bar. There are no “+/-” symbols on the volume controls, a lack of silver ring around the back camera, and on the backside of the case reads “XXGB”.

Words from the owner:

Apparently, this 64GB iPhone 4 is not for sale in grey markets of Hong Kong. The owner of this engineered prototype told us that he got it from a source who has a small quantity of these prototypes. They are definitely leaked from Foxconn’s factory in Shenzhen. What’s more, according to the owner, he believes that the next iPhone will bring 64GB storage capacity to users.

Here’s the hands on video:

It would make sense for Apple to increase the capacity of storage, as I don’t think networks are ready to rely on a dedicated cloud-based solution for extra storage. As with the evolution of storage on iPods, it is inevitable iPhone capacities will increase as well.

What do you think? Could we see a 64 GB iPhone 5 coming this summer?

[M.I.C. Gadget]



  • I don’t understand why it’s so difficult? The iPod touch has had 64GB versions for a longggg time now…I just felt like Apple was stalling.

    Can anyone explain if there’s a real reason or limitation that has stopped them from releasing this sooner?

  • Mr. Mac

    They have to save something for incremental releases to motivate us to upgrade, just like the camera in the iPad

  • iPhone 4 is really good but only the antenna issue disappointed me. I have purchased the iPhone case to solve this problem.

  • JohnnyC

    I’m curious why it even has the xxGB indicator on the back, because my iPhone 4 has no such external indication of storage capacity.

  • AnonymousGuy

    Of course the iPhone 5 will come in a 64GB capacity. It’s old news.

  • Vicseadog

    In my opinion this machine is fake. There were same rumours before Iphone 4 release.

  • Vicseadog

    In my opinion this machine is fake. There were same rumours before Iphone 4 release.

  • randomrazr

    64gb would be nice, but would krank the price up another hundred or 2.

    the iphone 4 was already a huge change from the 3gs, i guess wanted to save the 64gb for the iphone5.

    nonetheless, 32gb is plenty for me 🙂

  • Szarky

    It’s obvious:

    “They have to save something for incremental releases to motivate us to upgrade, just like the camera in the iPad” as Mr. Mac said.

  • Megavidiot

    I was thinking the same thing.

  • Ghost0911

    If they do end up releasing a 64GB I doubt that the price will increase, just as it did not when they released a 32GB. More likely the 16GB will be reduced and/or phased out…

  • Kirk Armstrong

    Yeah this is real alright…. A real mock up. Unless some foxconn employee decided to “upgrade” their own iPhone. But the iPhone does not show the gb size on the back of it.

  • John

    actually it clearly shows the capacity of 59.1GB at 0:12 sec considering some of the storage for the software and the owner might have some data on it. so this iphone Does show that its 64GB!! i’m sure the next iphone will have 64GB i thought iphone 4 would have but i guess they would have to hold it back for the iphone 5 to make people upgrade!

  • dave

    exactly my thoughts i agree!

  • John

    i highly doubt they would raise the price as it would be a bad marketing move! also the memory chips are getting by the year so it shouldn’t effect the price! if there is a 16gb model they most likely like Ghost0911 said they will just drop the price on the 16 gb model if its still there!

  • John

    dude its a “PROTOTYPE” even the “lost iphone” that leaked before the iphone 4 last year had the exact some XXGB when turned out to be the iphone 4 every prototype is that way!

  • Dave

    I’ve never had any problems with that plus almost everyone used a case anyway!

  • Sam

    agreed thats the whole point! i think most of us know by know lol! that kinda sucks though

  • Kirk Armstrong

    Yeah you are right but I was talking about the GB size indicator on the back of the iPhone covering mainly. The iPhone doesn’t have that which makes this weird. Just seems like a lot of work to add an indicator to the back of a phone they are trying to keep secret. We will see, I don’t like believing things even if it’s rumors not until we see the real deal.