800 Pound Apple Store Door Reportedly Falls on Customer in Maryland, Breaks His Pelvis


American Live Wire reports, in Maryland an 800 pound Apple Store door fell on a customer, breaking his pelvis. The man who has not been publicly named, was reportedly shopping at an Apple Store in Bethesda, Maryland when the door fell on top of him.

Caption from Reddit: “The 800lb door at the Apple store in Bethesda, MD fell on my friend, breaking his pelvis yesterday. Apple hasn’t made any attempts to get in touch with him.”

According to his friend, who posted the above photo on Reddit, the doors were only installed a few days prior to the incident. His friend, who goes by maxrezn on Reddit, says Apple should be responsible and pay for all the damages. He also stated, a lawyer has already been found and he plans to sue the store for his broken pelvis.

Max also told Reddit users:

“Someone asked him last night what insurance he had. He answered “Apple Care” but doesn’t remember that.”

Apple has yet to make any comments concerning the incident.

[via Mac Daily News]


  • Al

    “…in Maryland an 800 pound Apple Store door fell on a customer breaking
    his pelvis. The man who has not been publicly named, was reportedly
    shopping at an Apple Store in Bethesda, Maryland when an 800 pound door
    fell on top of him.”

    1. There should be a comma after customer. Otherwise, the sentence implies the customer was breaking his pelvis while the door fell on him.

    2. You mentioned the 800 pound door twice. Learn to form your thoughts better without being redundant or verbose.

    “Apple has yet to made any comments concerning the incident.”

    3. “make”

    Personal attacks against staff will not be tolerated.

  • Al

    When a teacher grades a paper, is that called a “personal attack”?

  • Ron

    No.. You are very inconsiderate.

  • Joe

    Learn some respect. Loved the story, hopefully Apple takes action and covers the damages.

  • AI’s mommy

    Listen up AI, remember what I taught you…treat others like how you’d like to be treated.

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    So, everyone reading, this explains why AI has some outbursts. His cone head has caused him to lose concentration, similar to when he was in grade school and constantly being picked on because he kept on correcting the grammar and spelling of his “friends”.

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    I’ve been trying to point out for some time now that Nick is inept when it comes to producing a coherent written piece. If IPIC wants readers (so that they can make money), then they damn well better show us some respect and do us the consideration of providing decent, clearly readable material.

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  • Al

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    Headline: Rob Ford Smokes crack

    Ron: Oh, that’s ok. I hope you are enjoying it Rob and have yourself a very merry Christmas.

    I have the freedom to speak. People who write professionally have an obligation to speak clearly.

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  • nolies

    Talk about useless Rants about nothing, he didn’t even post anything related to the actual story. And they say the holidays brings people together, tisk tisk!

  • xxxJDxxx

    LOL @ Apple Care comment.

  • Joseph

    For what it’s worth, the comma was a good addition.

    P.S – Does AppleCare cover glass damage? Pelvis is likely a cheaper fix.

  • Plazmic Flame

    That was gold