A Fun Way to Enable Reachability on iPhone X: Reddit [Video]


The iPhone X removes the home button in favour of Face ID and a full-face display that comes in a smaller form factor than Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus. Even though the footprint of the device is smaller, some users might still require access to Apple’s Reachability feature for one-handed use.

With iPhone X and the removal of the home button, Apple has changed the basic fundamentals of Reachability, but it is still an option. In order to turn it on, navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn Reachability on. Doing this will allow you to swipe down on the gesture bar in any open app or from the home screen.

Earlier today, a Reddit user posted a video showing a much more amusing way to invoke Reachability on the iPhone X:


PSA: There’s a much more fun way to invoke Reachability on iPhone X (video) from apple

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  • Hosaka

    Seems like an extra step for me compare to just simply swipe down a bit from the bottom-center of the screen.

  • I tried doing the “fun way” and it wasn’t very fun lol, more failed attempts.
    I’ll stick to just swiping down.

    Same with throwing my phone in the air in circles to provoke landscape mode, fun, but not a good idea.

  • playtillyadrop

    you dont even need to do that, just swipe down once on the gesture bar. Essentially what he’s doing by the end.

  • My 2cents:

    I really like this way… With my big thumbs, i had some trouble to do the reachability but with this technic its work pretty well.