Acoustibuds, Review and Giveaway!


So, maybe you didn’t win the Scosche Headphones, and maybe you really, really want a pair of in-ear buds but you don’t have  $30-$200 to drop right at the moment. Maybe you’re like me and cannot, possibly abide regular ear buds because of your tiny oddly shaped ears (TMI?) and they just don’t fit right, ever. In any/all of these cases, I have great news for you, Acoustibuds exist!

Small flexible silicone headphone adapters that fit over your current earbuds. Why this product is particularly great for the iPhone is that they also work on most Bluetooth handsfree headsets.


It’s a pretty basic idea, really. The Acoustibuds slide over the bud portion turning your headphones into in-ear, also known as in-canal, headphones. Not only does this help you hear the audio better  (by simple directional amplification), but also makes them fit much, much better and stay in place. I understand that most people don’t have a problem with regular earbuds, and indeed designs have much improved in the past few years, but for someone like me who simply cannot keep normal ones in place – this is a great bargain. If these had existed back when I dished out my first $50 for Apple Brand in-ear buds I would have been much happier at the time.


A few downsides, though. Firstly – you get only two pair, one of each size (5 Ribbed and 6 Ribbed) and I found even the size 5 to be too large. I was able to fit them, but they weren’t as comfortable as my regular in-ear ‘phones. I also want to explain that the sound quality, while amplified, is not clearer or heightened in any way. Just as with regular in-ear phones they do provide a bit more noise privacy though, so the guy next to you on the bus won’t judge you for listening to The Jonas Brothers, or whatever.


The Acoustibuds website states that a smaller size is currently in development so some of the ladies out there like me, with little lady ears, might want to wait till those come onto the market. But for our Macho big-eared male counterparts, I highly suggest picking up a set in either Black or White, for about $15.00 USD.

Or, win them for free, that’s always nice.

You are all old pros at this by now. I have two sets (2 pairs per set) to give away. One set is white and one is black – so please let me know which you prefer. Comment below or tweet me.

Winners will be announced Tuesday, April 21, because I will be out of town until then. Have a great week everyone!

Good Luck Everyone!


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  • Andrew

    Hey Great Review. I’d love to win a white pair 🙂 Thanks!

  • Ed

    And I thought I was the only person who had a problem with standard earbuds… love to get a pair of these!

  • guy

    Do I have problem ears? Apple’s buds tell me so, but a pair of white acoustibuds would assuage my aural insecurities!
    Thanks for the review, good information.

  • S Singh

    I’d love to win a pair of the white ones! Thanks for the review Chantelle!

  • Hum… in-ear for my iPhone. That would be great ! I SOOOO don’t like the regular iPhone earbuds. Keep falling off and all.
    Please choose moi ! 😉
    François, Montréal

  • Dusty

    Great review! Count me in for the Black or White pair 😉
    Thanks Chantelle

  • Shelfish

    Hi Chantelle,
    This is my first comment & I’d like to say it’s great to have a female point of view regarding the iPhone. We women can be gadgit geeks too! Anyway, I’d love to win a white pair. Thanks!

  • Terry

    Good review! Would love to win a pair of white ones!

  • SSK13

    Cool! I would like to win the black ones 🙂

  • Nice review! Ear buds are like pants, you gotta try ’em on in the store…don’t go by the label. 🙂 I’ll take the black ones please! 🙂 🙂

  • That’s a surprisingly simple and great idea! I’d love to try out a pair in black.

  • Brian

    Nice, I would love to test out the white pair.

  • Art

    Great review! These would be great for jogging. Would love a pair of the white ones!

  • harp

    would love the black ones, thanks.

  • LoWd0Wn

    Hi, Good Post! And thanks for making the giveaway to us dinosaurs who aren’t twitter tweets a chance to win too. 🙂
    Black or white – I love them both!

  • Teebs

    Those black earbuds would look pretty snazzy with my ear around them…

  • cjr

    great idea. I would certainly like to have a pair of these for my wife. she has a touch and she complains about the stock buds falling out of her ears. thanks!

  • Murray

    I have a feeling I would look totally hot in a pair of white ones. Can you make that happen? I guess we’ll see 🙂

    Thanks for the review.

  • G Lin

    Interesting. My earbuds stick in my ear, but I’ve never used in-ear headphones before and I’d like to try these and see how they work. The white ones would be nice so they match my Apple earbuds. Cool reviews, keep it up.

  • The ear buds are the reason I don’t listen to my iPod or Zune as much as I should, they are just terrible…hard, uncomfortable and keep falling out. Thanks for the great review and letting me know products like this exist-I could use either the white to go with the Ipod or black to go with the Zune…I’m not fussy lol! Have a great time out of town!

  • Momin

    white 🙂

  • btc

    these are EXACTLY what i need for running now that it is too warm for my toque to keep my earbuds in my ear. colour doesn’t matter to me if i end up with some!

  • William

    White please 🙂

  • Anthony

    A set of the black ones please!

  • flex260

    I have gone through 2 sets of the iPhones ( mine and my wifes) I workout every day and the music in my gym is horrible!! I need these or i’m gonna lose it! You gotta give them to me or I’m goin postal !!! but nice post though!!:)

  • bc

    thanks for the review. I’d love to win a white pair — to replace those black foam earbud covers I’ve been hoarding from my older iPods. Apple’s white earbuds, especially the new ones for the iPhone won’t stay in my ears

  • tony

    A black pair for me please.

    Thank you Chantelle.

  • Matt

    Great review, i’d like a white pair if i’m the lucky one today.

  • gerwen

    White please, love this idea.

  • Edwin Kwok

    those look really awesome! lol. thanks for the review Chantelle. =)

  • D168

    I would love to try out a white pair of these… =)

  • Kennethb

    Yes great review. I would put to good use a pair of white ones.

    Thanks, Kenneth

  • Al

    Great review…Hopefully I’ll win one 🙂