UK Government to Soon Allow Adding Driver’s License to Apple Wallet


UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is planning to get rid of plastic driving licences by allowing the drivers to add their license to Apple Wallet, essentially turning their iPhone into an ID, The Independent reports. Oliver Morley, the CEO of the British driving authority, has recently teased on Twitter a “prototype” of the feature (shown below), something that could change the way driving licences are used and issued.


The shared photo shows a driving licence inside Apple’s Wallet app, where credit and debit are stored for the Apple Pay payment system as well as other passes like tickets and loyalty cards. While it isn’t yet clear how a digital version of the driving licence would replace the real one, but if the feature shown off in Mr Morley’s tweet does turn out to be true, the agency could get rid of the last reason that some people keep their wallet around.


Last year, DVLA got rid of the paper part of the driving licence entirely, leaving only the plastic card that is issued to everyone who can drive.

No word if this will come to Canada, ever. You know, #BecauseCanada.


  • Corey Beazer

    AMAZING…. If ONLY we could have that in Canada!

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Agreed. I would love it. No more wallets…well, except on my iPhone. I thought after Apple Pay finally arrived in Canada (and after they solve the over $100 limit), I would only need my driver’s licence, insurance papers and car’s owner papers with one bank card and one CC for those terminals without Tap-and-pay. Maybe soon. Would be nice to have car insurance and car papers in my Apple Wallet too.

  • Many99

    Don’t forget about health cards

  • Jay

    The future couldnt come fast enough imo

  • max

    Some U.S states DMV is testing plot in Changing to Digital EDL to getting rid of the plastic added Ewallet

  • djepsilon

    What’s crazy is that an smartphone on it’s own can actually better identify a person nowadays than a stupid piece of plastic ever could. Would LOVE to see this come to Canada!

  • Ted de Beaudrap

    I imagine governments and law enforcement would be all over this idea.

    But seriously, are you willing to unlock your phone and hand it to a police officer? You may never see it again and you are certainly inviting them to browse the contents without a warrant.

    I don’t have anything incriminating on my phone but I still consider this an unnecessary invasion of privacy,

    Drivers license and passports can continue in their current form, thank you very much.

  • You don’t have to unlock your iPhone to hand it over to them. Just double-click the home button while your phone is locked and wallet pops up without unlocking your phone. (As long as you haven’t disabled that feature.)

    It defaults to Apple Pay, but you can just tap on your payment card to switch cards and display whatever one you want.

  • I already keep scans of my Driver’s License and other related documents on my iPhone. Of course, they’re not acceptable replacements, but I figured in a pinch they’re better than nothing. Would definitely love to see this become mainstream in some more meaningful way.

    In fact, Ontario EDL’s and Canadian NEXUS cards are already essentially NFC/RFID based, and although it would require Apple getting on board (as only they can access the NFC hardware and secure enclave), I could definitely see this coming in the future.