Adele Tries to Sell Her New CD at Apple Stores



Apple has rejected a request made by Adele’s agency to stock CDs of her upcoming album ’25’ at its retail stores, the DailyMail is reporting. Citing a report by the New York Post, the source adds that Adele’s team at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment is also in talks with the Cupertino giant for a $30 million tour sponsorship deal. However, the deal, which is about 10 times usual sponsorship, is allegedly based on the notion that physical copies of 25 will be made available in Apple stores.

However a source told the publication that William Morris Endeavor need to be ‘more realistic’ as their are doubts the singer’s comeback will be a lucrative as predicted. The insider said: ‘Her team needs to be more realistic about an artist who doesn’t have much of a history of working with corporate partners’.

Meanwhile, Adele’s lead track from her upcoming album, 25, has sold 165,00 copies in just three days and has reached the no.1 spot on the charts as well.

Adele’s new album, 25, is set to hit stores November 20 and has already claimed the number one spot in 93 countries on pre-order.


  • Crosseyedmofo

    what a ridiculous request

  • More people are going to cry now about this, on top of people watching her new single’s video.

  • Crosseyedmofo


    but for real, this is so myopic on every level its actually stunning

  • sukisszoze

    She’s a great singer but this is only her third $30M sponsorship?!?..and how many Apple music fans actually buy CD’s of music these days. I can’t see Apple letting CD’s be stocked on their store shelves..all the cost involved in dealing with physical goods when Apple wants everyone to go digital.

  • Right. Somebody actually thought Apple – the company that doesn’t even sell optical drives as standard items in their computers any more – was going to actually consider selling physical CDs in their stores.

  • Kirk

    Gary, you guys have been posting so much lmao stories today! ????

  • We thank Adele for her contribution!

  • Clever move on Adele’s part
    I tend to believe she knew this would happen, and all the blogs just advertise she now has a new CD 😛

  • Ryan

    I have one thing to say about her (and her team). BRILLIANT! Whoever does her marketing should get a raise! Free advertising!!!!