Apple Launches AirPods In-Store Pickup in Canada, Shows Feb. 15 Availability

Apple has launched in-store pick up for AirPods at retail stores in Canada, with Vancouver postal codes noting a pick up date of February 15th, 2016.

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Online orders are slated for delivery in “6 weeks”, but knowing Apple this timeframe could improve. By ordering for in-store pick up, you can reserve a pair of AirPods online, to then retrieve at a location of your choice.

Let us know if you’ll be making a reserve and pick up for AirPods—they won’t be available until the middle of February, though, a similar timeframe for the U.S., which launched in store pick up yesterday.

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  • Rick

    Ordered mine this morning for pickup February 15. Delivery date offered was February 13.

  • DP

    My AirPods with delivery of Jan 9 went to “preparing to ship” status today.

  • Geeta Dutt

    Hey if you live close to Kitchener or Ottawa, seems like the stores there have stock. I just secured a pair from Conestoga through the app store, instore pick up today!!!! IStock now shows these two stores are having stock! This whole airpod thing has been really weird!!! Sis will be picking mine tonight as I don’t live in Waterloo LOL!

  • Geeta Dutt

    Yesssss! Ready for pickup!!!!

  • Janice Tam

    me too me too! does it mean we’re getting it early ????????????????

  • DP

    Yeah, probably early / mid next week. That’s pretty typical of apple though. I think whenever I’ve ordered stuff that just launched and wasn’t lucky enough to get the launch day date, it almost always comes a week or two early.

  • Janice Tam

    mine are arriving on the 23!! Are you located in BC?? Yah i guess that were the case for me, but EVERY TIME i order something from them, especially “pre-order” in the last couple of years it’s been a fail. PS – do you have twitter? your comments are totally in jive with what i’ve been saying!

  • DP

    I have twitter, but don’t use it much. And yes, I am in BC. Still in preparing to ship status, but sounds like might get some good news on that soon based on what u said! The 23rd would be fantastic.

  • DP

    23rd for me too! Yay, that’s way earlier than Jan 9.

  • KIII

    Jan 5 delivery will probably see shipped today or tomorrow arriving before Christmas. ????

  • gerry

    I was able to pick up mine at the London, ON store. Happened to be in the city visiting my friend until I saw this thread.

  • Janice Tam

    YAY!!!!!!!! now i just have to hope they fit my ears 🙁

  • Janice Tam

    ah – i stopped using it for awhile, but for some reason it’s peaked my interest again.

  • Harold Mitchell

    UPS delivered mine yesterday…..was able to order early thanks to Gary’s heads up last week!

  • Nice! Cheers Harold