AirPods Launch at Apple Stores in Canada as People Line Up for Limited Stock


As previously rumoured, Apple AirPods have launched sales at Apple retail stores today, and many Canadians lined up to nab a pair as online sales have sold out until late January 2017.

Based on what the iPhone in Canada nation has told us, at the Ottawa Rideau Apple Store, 40-50 people lined up for AirPods (via @aplinvestigator) this morning.

Meanwhile, the Mapleview Burlington store had zero stock this AM (via @IAmDanBratt), and the Eaton Centre location in Toronto has zero stock (via @_adamvv). Reader Peter was the first in line at the Yorkdale Apple Store, and noted Apple had set a limit of two pairs per person, as the line was only eight deep earlier this morning.

At the West Edmonton Mall Apple Store, six people lined up about 40 minutes ago, but sadly staff said no stock was available (via @DustinC0ffman).

As for those that ordered online, numerous readers have received theirs today, one day earlier than their expected December 20th delivery date. Our own AirPods are scheduled to arrive three days earlier than anticipated, coming tomorrow via FedEx.

According to real-time stock checker iStockNow, AirPods aren’t showing in stock at Apple Stores in both Canada and the USA, or most likely stock hasn’t stayed on shelves long enough to register.

Did you get your AirPods yet? How to you like them so far?


  • Spiridus

    I was in line at Mapleview at 7am (was the only person for 40 mins), an employee came out around 7:30 & told me it’s not necessary to wait in line as they haven’t received their shipment and it could come later today but no guarantee.

  • Jake

    None at pacific centre. Just walked up and they said they didn’t receive any

  • Jon

    was at eaton centre at 9:10 (they opened at 9) walked in talked to store employee, said he wasn’t sure there were any left, guy walks out 3 minutes later gives him one I’m in and out within 10 minutes. Sorry just re-read that and sounded braggy, didn’t mean it like that just surprised how quick and painless it was, almost everyone in the store though was buying AirPods

  • Josh

    Has anyone been to either of the Apple Stores in Calgary yet? Any luck?

  • John Kerby

    Most of Canadian stores don’t have any

  • bspence88

    Guildford and Coquitlam didn’t have any either.

  • John Kerby

    Any update on West Edmonton Mall stock

  • Gary Bowen

    The guy at Market Mall said they were sold out when I called at 10:00 AM.

  • Geeta Dutt

    Any updates from Fairview Mall Toronto?

  • Geeta Dutt

    Ok, just called them, all sold out!

  • John Kerby

    No update yet people

  • iHeartYEG

    I went to WEM and the guy there said they had 4 in stock today, all sold out now. Stock of 4 units seems a bit unbelievable to me.

  • John Kerby

    I was the 2nd person at the West Edmonton Mall Apple Store to buy them

  • Theresa Mueller

    I got in line at Market Mall in Calgary at 8:30 this morning and got the second to last pair of about 20 in stock.

  • At Vancouver Oakridge Store staff around 10:10am told me they will get a shipment today at one point. No real info on that. Lineup of about 15 people waiting, without knowing at what point in the day they’ll be available

  • K_pow3ll

    sq1? update

  • Dan Bratt

    Did you end up getting a pair? I walked in at 9am and waited till 11am and picked up two pair.

  • Danny Hamilton

    I called Coquitlam too and nothing !!!

  • Sly C

    UPS said they were delivered earlier. Waiting to get home to see if they’re on the stoop or if I have to get them at the drop off.

  • warpdrive

    I said to hell with it and ordered the Jaybird x3’s from Bestbuy. $159 for buds that supposedly sound amazing….. got tired of waiting for the Airpods, and now no stock till Feb?! I can put up with a cord between the two with the Jaybirds. Lol

  • KS

    Hey I just got the X3 from Best Buy for $109 (Same reason). See if you can get your price adjusted. (They are again going on sale from Christmas Day for $99)

  • warpdrive

    Holy crap! How did you get them for $109??
    BestBuy Canada still has them listed at $159…

  • warpdrive

    Never mind…. I see the deal was on until Dec 15. If they in fact do drop to $99 for boxing week I’ll just scoop up a pair (or 2) then and return one in store with the receipt from the $159 pair. Boom.

  • KS

    That’s a good idea 😉
    And yes I ordered mine on Friday, received them today so I guess the sale has ended. Keep an eye on 25th they do tend to sell like hot cakes while they’re on sale. I kept checking for two days until finally I saw the black one available and ordered.

  • Pokieo

    I went this morning to the Polo Park store, in Winnipeg, and I was told, “they’ll be in tomorrow”. After reading some of the other comments, and from previously working at the store, I remembered that we would get two deliveries in a day, so I stopped by after work to check it out.

    Lo and behold, they had stock. They weren’t out on the shelves yet, and I was told they only had a few left, but I managed to snag a pair for myself. Interestingly, I was told by one of the Experts at the store that if you have Apple Care Plus on your iPhone, that it would also cover the AirPods. I confirmed this, just to be sure I heard correctly, and then went to explain that I had been there this morning to buy Apple Care for my iPhone.

    My only note so far, I had to take out the manual to figure where to find the settings for the AirPods. Other than that, they sound great so far. They provide a warm and full sound, which is a vast improvement from the previous headphones, but they also better…for this price tag.

  • warpdrive

    Yep. Saw on bestbuy Boxing Day flyer. Thanks for the heads up on that!

  • Nice work. Good to know about the apple care part.

  • Pokieo

    It is certainly a nice present from Apple, but it would be great to know the details. I was so excited that I managed to get a pair, that I didn’t think to ask more questions. Also, I used to work with the person helping me, so we were re-connecting.

  • I’ll try to get further confirmation tomorrow. Sounds like you really lucked out! Thanks.

  • Ant B

    Went to Richmond Centre with 2 other folks the moment store opened to be told they did not receive any at all. As someone already mentioned Oakridge did get a dozen or so “eventually” a few hours later after the store opened due to weather or whatever issue, I can imagine 5 of those people bought 2 sets each (to sell them off on Craigslist!).

    Apple doesn’t give a $hit about customers who’d rather prefer to walk into the store and get them. Online is the way these days except you have to set your alarm at 3AM on whatever day you think they will up for sale 2 months after delay otherwise you may only have to wait “6 weeks” or so…

    I learned something today… never buy Apple products on their release date.

    It’s a seriously frustrating first world problem.

  • Jake

    Got some last night at pacific centre.

  • Okay something really weird is going on. AirPods were supposed to deliver today, arrived in the city, but then Apple requested they be returned and never made it to my door. Anyone else?

  • Spiridus

    Sorry for delayed response but yes, while I still kept my Jan 12th pre-order to be safe, I lucked out one day with the iStock website.