What Happens if Your AirPods Get Lost or Stolen?



Ever wonder if Apple has a way of recovering your stolen or lost AirPods? What happens if you’re on the subway and someone snatches one or both out of your ears and runs away? Or, you simply forget them in a bus on your ride back home? The short answer, unfortunately, is that nothing can be done about it. Apple says that if AirPods are lost or stolen, you’ll have to buy new ones (via Business Insider).

Until Apple creates some kind of Touch ID for your ears, you’ll have very few security measures to ensure your AirPods don’t get lost or stolen. So be careful with them — at US $159, they’re not cheap.

As of now, Apple seems to have no anti-theft measures in place to protect your expensive wireless headphones. Luckily though, if one of your two AirPods is lost or stolen, Apple says you’ll be able to buy just one. However, Apple has not yet revealed how much a single AirPod will cost or what will be the procedure or eligibility criteria to be able to get just one. 

The good news is though, the AirPods will also work with other non-Apple devices, including Android smartphones via Bluetooth. Do you plan on ordering those shiny AirPods once they go on sale next month?


  • Jon

    My several hundred dollar B&W headphones don’t have any security measures either. Actually, neither do my Jaybirds now that I think about it.. Or my $200 shoes. Shoot guys, a lot of my expensive stuff doesn’t have anti-theft measures.

  • Urbanfan

    I agree with Jon, my jaybirds don’t have anti theft, so that’s not a big worry.
    The problem for me is that these headphones seem like they aren’t too secure in terms of fit. My jaybirds have both the “wings” and the silicon tips for a secure fit. From the looks of it, it looks like these airpods will just fall off if there is a sudden jolt (like a subway stopping during rush hour).
    If apple provides a more secure fit, i’ll definitely buy them.

  • mxmgodin

    Lock the doors! Never go out of your house again!! NEVER!

  • Tim

    If you end up losing them you might suddenly find that people are willing to talk to you with a serious face again.

  • Hide yo kids, hide yo wife…

  • LOL

  • Sandy

    And 220$ here in canada

  • hlna55

    So Apple has upgraded from conventional headphones to $220 rechargeable hearing aids that only last 5 hours. Not enough time for a 4 hour flight and time at the airport.

    Not for this guy. I’ll be clutching on to my 6s plus as long as I can.

  • Quattro

    You DO realize that you don’t have to use AirPods, right?

  • Quattro

    Did you not see the review from the person head banging with them in?

    And if they’re going to fall out, you’re going to notice the sudden loss of music in one ear. So it’s not like you’ll be a block away and suddenly realize one is missing.

  • It’s also worth keeping in mind that the case provides up to 24 hours of additional battery life, and the AirPods charge whenever they’re in it — 15 minutes in the case will give you 3 hours of additional listening time.

    So while they might not last long enough for continuous listening on a really long flight, realistically for a four-hour flight you could listen at the terminal, pop the AirPods back into their case while boarding the aircraft and waiting to take off, and you’d probably easily have them fully charged up again by the time you were in the air and allowed to put them back into your ears 🙂

  • Urbanfan

    I didn’t actually. I’d like to see the video to see exactly what it will withstand.
    As for it falling off, obviously the music stop is a huge indication but in the gym I can’t have it keep falling off while doing a pull up or or hang raise. That’ll just annoy me endlessly. I’ll check out the video.

  • hlna55

    That’s a fair point, I won’t argue that. Not quite the most convenient thing in the world but you are correct. You could do that. 🙂

  • hlna55

    Of course I do. But you DO realize that this is an article ABOUT AirPods right?

  • Well, in terms of “clutching onto your 6s plus” there’s no reason to do that just to avoid using AirPods. I’m not sure I’ll even want to use AirPods — I doubt the audio quality will compare to my trusty Shure SE530’s — but simply keeping the included Lightning adapter on the end of my headphone cable doesn’t strike me as a problem at all.

  • Ashley Mann

    Scott Stien from Cnet wearing the Airpods. Nothing more needs to be said.

  • makeittalk

    I don’t believe it. This needed an article? Slow news day.

  • makeittalk

    Exactly…nuff said. But damn they’re hilarious.

  • Happy Friday

  • Ashley Mann

    I know right. Way to funny.

  • Bafoon

    Anyone else think the beats X is a better purchase than the air pods?

  • KelAnderson

    Don’t worry, there will be businessmen making accessories to keep people from losing their AirPods. There will be something like an AirPod necklace which is essentially a circular string with two strings attached to opposite ends of the circle. The other end of each string will have a clamp to clamp on a AirPod. This will cost $2? And it will keep people from losing the AirPods when they are doing something like jogging.

  • Quattro

    The article topic is irrelevant to the statement you made. You implied you’re keeping your current phone because you don’t want to pay for AirPods. Since you don’t require AirPods with the new phone, this kind of statement is what we call… s t u p i d.

  • KBlazer07

    I think that you won’t need to remove these while on a plane. I believe that the reason you can’t wear headphones (buds are allowed because they will fall off easier) during takeoff/landing is that if you need to evacuate, the cord may delay you. Sounds stupid, but there is a maximum time allowance to disembark a plane, and if you have to add 1 second per passenger because of a cord, the airlines would fail this requirement.

  • Actually, that’s not really it — at least not entirely. The main reason is that they want to make sure you can hear the flight crew in case there are emergency announcements during take-off and landing. The last thing they need in an emergency is a bunch of passengers who are oblivious to what’s going on around them 🙂

    Consider that many airlines let you have earphones still connected to their in-flight entertainment systems because flight crew announcements can interrupt whatever you’re listening to, so you won’t miss anything important.

    Besides, at the end of the day, with the way most flight crews are regarding new technology, they’ll probably want you to take them out anyway simply because they don’t understand them — not to mention they are a wireless electronic device, and we all know about how airlines feel about those 🙂

  • raslucas

    I think Apple getting rid of the analog jack is a really really good thing because the comments here show how little people know about the current state of Bluetooth earphones. In the next two years we will see an incredible amount of innovation and competition in the Bluetooth audio space as a result of a bold product move by Apple. The 5 hour battery life of the air pods is actually really long considering the size of the battery within it. It’s actually an incredible feat… it’s going to only get better from here. For Android users too…

  • Cliff

    I owed the original airpods in jet black a few years ago

  • Riley Freeman

    i plan on getting the beats headphones they announced. Solo 3. These are just too small. Should have put a GPS chip inside for findmyairpods lol