Apple AirPods Now Available for Purchase in Canada, Delivers Dec. 20 at Earliest [u]


Apple has just launched AirPod sales in Canada and beyond, confirming a rumour they would launch in time for Christmas (that John Gruber and his “little birdies” eh?). AirPods are set to launch in Apple Stores on December 21.

AirPods cost $219 CAD and right now are shipping by December 20 for addresses in Ontario and December 23 for us in B.C, based on what we’ve ordered.


Click here to get your AirPods while they are still in stock.

AirPods were originally slated for an October release, but Apple delayed the product, as they were not ready for release, they said.

BuzzFeed says this morning “a person familiar with the product’s development said it required additional “fine-tuning” related to sound performance and battery life,” echoing a report from the WSJ.

Here’s what Apple has to say about the launch in its press release:

AirPods will be shipping in limited quantities at launch and customers are encouraged to check online for updates on availability and estimated delivery dates. Stores will receive regular AirPod shipments.

AirPods are available in more than 100 countries and territories including Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Japan, UAE, the UK and the US.

Let us know if you pulled the trigger for AirPods–looks like Apple managed to surprise us all and get these ready in time for Christmas.

Update 7:55AM PDT: Looks like initial pre-Christmas orders have sold out. It’s showing delivery dates of December 29 for some postal codes in Ontario, and January 5 for our BC postal code. Sorry, westcoasters just waking up now…

More to follow…


  • Dave

    I’m in Ontario, mine are to arrive Dec 20????

  • Mario Gaucher

    ordered right away just before letting you know on twitter that they were available! 😉
    I’ve decided to buy the new Apple Watch a Christmas gift to me by me… but now, I end up with two gifts! 😉

  • Natedog

    Mine to arrived dec 28 ????

  • Yahoo!

  • Cheers–That’s going to be a great Christmas 🙂

  • What province?

  • Cornfed710

    Me too

  • Jeagerjaques Doo (???)


  • Cornfed710

    What do the flippers think. Should I grab a couple to sell before Christmas ?????????

  • Gary Croxford

    Boom! Got em :). 20th delivery to Toronto – processing payment (Apple Pay via iOS app) now.

  • Matt

    Just grabbed a pair. Arrives Dec. 20th!

  • Keenan

    December 21 in Nova Scotia

  • mrideas

    December 20th to Ontario ????

  • Kirk

    Gary I keep going back-and-forth with these. congrats to the people that ordered, but ultimately I don’t think I am. I mean I still think there’s an issue with some of the functionality in this thing. It’s very Siri focussed so my problem is if there’s no Internet connection how are you gonna do half of the things like skip tracks, increase, decrease volume, etc. Siri needs an Internet connection. I think I’m going to wait for the beats earphones that has the W1 chip

  • Geeta Dutt

    Oh gosh, now that they are here, I’m playing the game of should I? Shouldn’t I? Decisions!!! Urghhggh!

  • Mario Gaucher

    why would it absolutely need an internet connection?
    surely they can implement some basic commands like they already did before siri on the iPhone.

  • swotam

    Don’t forget that they have a 15 day return policy, which has been extended to early January due to the holidays, so you can always get a pair and if you don’t like them you can return them to a nearby Apple Store for a refund no questions asked (just don’t damage them).

  • swotam

    Ordered a pair to test if nothing else, delivers on Dec 20. For those who are on the fence, don’t forget you can return anything you order to an Apple Store within 14 days (more due to the holidays) so that should give you lots of time to see if you like them or not.

  • Kirk

    Yeah through Bluetooth but I’m still not completely sold. It’s still a cool toy though. I’m just going off of the reviews I’ve seen online

  • Kirk

    See that’s my problem LOL. I just can’t budge though maybe you guys can tell me how it is ha ha Ha

  • nate dog


  • Gary Bowen

    January 4th delivery. Calgary. Ordered 8:25 AM MST.

  • Kirk, best I can say is order them to try out to decide for yourself…if you don’t like them, you can always return them!

  • sidman

    Saying Dec 29th now, for Burlington, ON

  • Ace

    Didn’t expect this post today, grabbed them as soon as i saw this. Arrives Dec 29th, Toronto. Can always go to the store on the 21st and cancel the online order unless they ship faster.

  • Jeremy Spencer

    29th for ontario. Wish I saw it earlier

  • Mario Gaucher

    oh delivery date already started to slip…
    ordered mine with a Dec 20 date… now if I check online, it says Dec 29.

  • Geeta Dutt

    I agree, but now it’s too late, shipping is now is December 29th, and I’m not in town. I snoozed on this.

  • Update: Now showing delivery dates of Jan. 5 for BC and Dec. 29 for ON (YMMV)

  • Salinger

    For me, the more important factor is sound quality. From pretty much every review I’ve read, these are essentially equivalent to the included ear buds in an iPhone, just with the cool new wireless tech. That alone is reason enough that I won’t be ordering them. Sound quality, for music listening at least, is paramount to me.

  • Salinger

    I have no interest in these, but am much more interested in the Beats X that were to be released in “Autumn”. Up until a few days ago, that’s what the product page said on Apple’s website. With Autumn ending in one week, they now simply say “unavailable”.

    With the significant delays in the Airpods availability, and now the Beats X, I’m wondering if there are some issues with the wireless tech Apple is using.

  • Tyler

    Jan 04 for me too. In Calgary

  • camry298

    Delivery on Dec 23, BC. Ordered at 6:30am PST.

  • gerry

    January 12th for me

  • Blaise

    Ordered this morning with a delivery date of december 21 for Quebec City

  • tomm

    My order says Jan. 17th here in Victoria.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Secured 2 Pairs. One for self and second to gift a family member. One is arriving 20th and second on 29. Within an hour delivery date slipped 9/10 days. Selling like hot cakes.

  • gerry

    I’m craving for bacon now. Mmmm….

  • gerry

    Merry Christmas Mario

  • gerry

    That’s what I plan on doing, I got that day booked off work.

  • gerry

    I just need something that’s wireless and small that I can wear under my winter toque while I walk to work. Without the necessary of the cord that is 😀

  • Kirk

    😀 valid points!

  • Kirk

    Facts. I think I’m going to go with BeatsX earphones.

  • Kirk

    Yeah Gary. I decided I’m going to get the Beats instead. It’s just like Apple Watch. I loved my first gen version but as soon as gen 2 was announced my first gen is collecting dust and the resale value has droppped so drastically that I think it’s a waste selling it. I think I’ll try AirPod gen 2….. or go to the Apple Store to test it out if they have it on display that is super easy to steal LOL. Love my GEN 2 Apple Watch though 😀

  • bspence88

    Thank-you for posting this!! I was able to order a pair and estimated shipment date is January 5th which I’m stoked about!

  • Salinger

    Yeah, that’s what I’m holding out for. At least, to see how they sound. I love my QC20’s that I’m using now, it’s just such a pain having to use that ridiculous dongle.

  • Josh Clark

    Order just shipped. Used to have delivery on Dec 22, now its the 20th!
    Ordered in Calgary around 9AM MST

  • Okay something really weird is going on. AirPods were supposed to deliver today, arrived in the city, but then Apple requested they be returned and never made it to my door. Anyone else? #YYJ

  • Greg Albert

    Ordered mine about a week ago Feb 3 Delivery date :/ I’m sure it will be faster… I hope haha

  • Mario Gaucher

    You had to order them in the first few minutes to get them this week…

  • Greg Albert

    Yes I’m aware of that. I’m not asking for them to be here this week haha. I’m simply saying that Feb 3 is my estimated date, and I hope to get them sooner.