Apple’s AirPods Are Now Shipping in 6 Weeks as Initial Stock Sells Outs


Apple launched AirPods sales online yesterday, with early orders able to arrive in time for Christmas. The first batch of stock quickly sold out as delivery estimates moved into late December, and as of this morning, the AirPods website says the wireless headphones are now shipping in six weeks time, which means late January 2017.

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If you missed out on the online sales launch, AirPods will be available in Apple Stores next week, according to Apple’s press release, which stated “stores will receive regular AirPod shipments”. Best Buy Canada will most likely sell AirPods as well, so keep checking their website.

So you can still purchase them in stores if you don’t want to wait until 2017 for online orders.

When are your AirPods expected to deliver? Ours are slated to arrive on Friday, December 23rd (we ordered just after 6AM PST).


  • NoOneCares

    Jan. 12th 🙁
    Didn’t know they were available until about 11:30am EST.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Dec 20. Ordered right after you tweeted. But my brother asked for a pair and I placed another order maybe after 1/2 hours and shipping slipped to Dec 29.

  • Cornfed710

    December 20th ????

  • Yeah…this is when EST has advantages…over here on PST in BC, I only found out because I was already up at 6AM PST (thanks to our toddler of course!).

  • NoOneCares

    I remember those days :).
    Yes, I only discovered them by accident when checking in the Apple Store app. I was way behind on twitter but it appears it would only have made at most a two hour difference- though a critical 2 hours in this case 🙁

  • Yes, you got to love #toddlerlife 🙂

    You can try enabling push notifications in the Twitter app for individual accounts (like ours!) and get real-time updates on new posts and such.

  • Olley

    Maybe for this one incident, dude. Back when I lived in New York and had to stay up for iPhone 6 preorder at 3am and an early flight to catch at 6am… :S

  • Sly C

    December 20th with you to thank for it!

  • Booya!