AirPods Continue to Rank as the World’s Best Truly Wireless Earbuds



Apple’s AirPods, which debuted more than a year ago, remain the best truly wireless earbuds available as competitors fail to catch up with their ease of use, battery life and reliability. As tested by The Verge, while some offerings from the likes of Bose and B&O Play do sound better, none of them offers what Apple’s W1 chip does, such as improved pairing, range, and battery life. 

The experts over at The Verge compared the AirPods to a bunch of truly wireless earbuds available in the market today, and have found that Bluetooth alone isn’t enough to make these work smoothly.

Although the range may improve once more earbuds with Bluetooth 5 hit the market. Also, connection reliability may also get better once we start seeing Qualcomm’s new QCC5100 chip incorporated in these.

That’s not to say these options are all terrible; they’re not. If you’re using them in a place where you’re unlikely to deal with much signal interference, several are fine choices. Samsung, Sony, Bragi, Bose, and others are worth looking at. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks. All of them are more flexible in regards to fit with different options.

But some 14 months after AirPods shipped, there’s still no clear cut competitor that’s truly better at the important stuff.

In case you haven’t already, check out iPhoneinCanada’s detailed review of the AirPods at this link.


  • swotam

    I have to say, I’ve been very happy with mine since getting them shortly after they became available in Canada. They sound just fine, have never fallen out, and fit nicely under that most Canadian of winter accessories…the toque.

    Battery has been good so far and I’d definitely buy / replace them when the day inevitably comes that the batteries no longer hold a charge.

  • Jon Nolet

    Same! I use mine every single day, and I’m impressed that I can have them peeking out from under a toque, although with my hood up, and still make phone calls when I’m out for a walk. Truly awesome product

  • Still loving my AirPods, use them daily. The odd time I doze off at night with them in my ears and wake up to missing AirPods #firstworldproblems

  • K.

    Hopefully they do a grey version some day…

  • Ben

    If only they had them in Jet Black…

  • Fernando Maldonado

    I just find them looking, like a headset someone cut the cable off.. . I bet all you people say is true…. But why make them so damn ugly???

  • poopchute

    Apparently there aren’t too many discerning fans of audio quality.
    Either that or people have imbibed a little too much in the Kool-Aid.

    I have a pair, and they just sit in my desk. The Beats version sounds sooooo much better, costs less, and is more comfortable.

  • Guillaume Steinmetz

    Bought them a month ago, but returned them after one week. I was used to my Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones which offer WAY better sound quality and battery life.

    Deal breakers for me:
    – Battery life (yes, I know they charge quickly, but I just hate the fact you always need to remove them and put them back in their case because battery is getting low). I work from home, so I often use my headphones for 6+ hours.

    – Sound quality isn’t better than the cheap wired earbuds we get with any new iPhone. I guess it’s OK for someone used to these earbuds, but if you try quality earbuds/headphones someday, it’s hard to go back to AirPods!

    – Way over-priced. I probably would have kept them if they were priced around $100 max.