AirPort Utility For iOS 5 Is Now Available For Download In AppStore


Here’s another quick heads up for iOS 5 users! Apple has just released AirPort Utility for iOS which was discovered last week in iOS 5 GM release. The app lets you configure and manage AirPort devices on a local network. As noted by MacStories, the app isn’t showing up in iTunes search yet, but here’s the direct link to download it right now. Make sure you are using an iOS 5 GM device since the utility is not compatible with older firmwares.

Citing from the news source:

AirPort Utility provides a straightforward interface to manage AirPort devices on a local network. The app shows AirPort stations that are connected to the Internet, and on the iPad gestures are supported to zoom out the view and get a better visual of all the available devices. Tapping on the Internet icon will let you see the status of your connection with Router Address, DNS Servers and Domain Names; tapping on an AirPort Device will show a popover menu with the device’s name, IP Address, Serial Number, Software Version, Network and connected Wireless Clients. You can check out the connection status, IP Address and Hardware Address for each connected client.

Here are some screenshots of AirPort Utility in action on iPad:


  • Mark Roberts

    I wish I were John.

  • Metal737

    I live in Canada, 10 minutes ago I updated iTunes and attempted to update to iOS 5, yet the software is telling me that my iPhone version is up to date. How do I download iOS 5? I thought it would not let me upgrade because my iTunes was out of date, but after updating iTunes and restarting my computer, I am still unable to upgrade to iOS 5. Can anyone help me out (I thought the public release date was October 12th)?

  • Cake

    IOS 5 has been released to the public yet. 

  • Cake

    Sorry. IOS 5 hasn’t been released .

  • Poo

    It’s not live yet.
    Try again after 1:00 pm Eastern time.

  • Metal737

    Gentlemen, thank you for the prompt response; I suppose I will try again at 2:00 PM my time.

  • Kirk

    Downloaded! ….even though I don’t have an aiport device lol…

  • Clusty

    Crappy thing does not work with ipad2

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