Alberta Has the Most iPhone Users in Canada Says MTM Report


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Media Technology Monitor has released a report which reveals some trends amongst Canadian buyers by province when it comes to technology (via The Globe and Mail).

Albertans love the iPhone, people in Toronto and anglophones in Montreal are loyal BlackBerry users, while those in Vancouver love Android phones the most, according to a survey of 12,000 Canadians from last fall and this spring:

Alberta is iPhone country, Toronto consumers and anglophones living in Montreal are the most faithful to BlackBerry, while Vancouverites are most into Google Android phones, suggests the data, which is based on surveys with more than 12,000 Canadians conducted last fall and this spring.

BlackBerry has roughly a third of the smartphone market in Ontario, where Apple and Android are almost tied. Close to 18 percent of Toronto consumers and anglophones in Montreal said they are still using a BlackBerry.

Vancouver consumers showed 19 percent had chosen an Android phone, as Google’s mobile operating system showed 30 percent of the smartphone market in BC and the Atlantic provinces.

In Alberta, data showed 90 percent of residents owned a cellphone with 2 in 3 owning a smartphone, with almost half of these using an iPhone, while 25 percent owned an Android phone and 20 percent a BlackBerry device. Albertans love their tablets too as 35 percent showed ownership compared to 25% for the overall anglophone average.

Andrea Sharkey, MTM manager of market insights, cited the high technology adoption in Alberta based on the economic boom in the region:

“Certainly any time you have an economic boom in certain parts of the country you’re going to see people adopt technology that might be slightly more expensive, whether that be the tablet or the smartphone or a smart TV or advanced services for them,”

Where are you living right now and what smartphone are you using?


  • MikeJenkinson

    As an Albertan using an iPhone, I approve of this message. 🙂

  • ahaha the survey doesn’t lie!

  • Pat

    Also from Alberta and using an iPhone (5s!!!) and also approve of this message

  • Sarge

    Another albertan with an iPhone


  • Ari

    Android in Vancouver? I’ve seen some Androids on the skytrain but most phones are iPhones.

  • wah_gee

    iPhone Vancouver.

  • Nigleet

    When I’m on the transit heading to university, almost everyone is holding an iPhone. It’s crazy! Message approved!

  • MartinJdub

    As an Albertan (and proud Canadian) who rocks a BlackBerry Z10, I also approve this message as one who lives outside of Apples walled garden and distortion field.

  • 🙂

  • MartinJdub

    PS : I rock a Z30 now and proud of it!