Alleged iPhone 6 Dummy Model Leaks in New Hands-On Video [WATCH]


IPhone 6 Dummy Blanc 002

A new physical mockup of the iPhone 6 has been posted on Chinese blog 86Digi, and spotted by French site Nowhereelse [Google Translate]. The new image leak shows only what we already knew, but the video and the high-quality images give a better idea of what the highly anticipated next-generation iPhone will look like.

As reported earlier, the device will feature rounded corners and a relocated power button. Today’s report is in line with those rumours, and also shows off the rectangular volume controls on the left and the new, circular LED design on the back.

The 4.7-inch model shown in the images video is only 6 mm thick, which confirms earlier rumours of a very thin device, but it is 1 mm thinner than the iPhone models shown in the schematics leaked earlier. Will the iPhone 6c be 7 mm thick, and the high-end iPhone 6, only 6 mm thick?

Today’s rumour indicates that this model is a copy of an iPhone 6 equipped with a 4.7-inch screen, but unfortunately does not specify its dimensions. However, it does confirm the 6 mm thickness recently suggested by a schematic plan (see iPhone 6! New sketch suggests 6 mm thickness ). I’m still not convinced of the reliability of this information (see iPhone 6: 6.1 mm thickness confirmed … or not … )

Regarding the rest, the familiar rounded-edge chassis is once again present; the volume control buttons are elongated; the circular LED power switch has been moved to one of the sides; and the two antennas, to the rear of the case.

Apple is said to be releasing two new iPhone 6 models, the rumour mill says, and we have seen a mockup of the bigger 5.5-inch model as well as an image of the smaller 4.7-inch model. The latter model is expected to launch this fall, followed by its bigger brother a couple of months later.

IPhone 6 Dummy Blanc 004

IPhone 6 Dummy Blanc 005

IPhone 6 Dummy Blanc 006


  • SkAshe

    What a ugly piece of hardware. I really hope this will not be the iPhone 6.

  • dgsuzuki

    First of all, with the incredibly poor sales of the iPhone 5c and fail in using plastics, there’s NO WAY the iPhone 6 will remotely resemble the 5c series phones..

  • tomi

    It won’t this is a mockup which obviously isn’t made of production materials. They would never cheapen their flagship iPhone like that.

  • Tim

    This is the iphone 6. There’s only so much you can do with a flat square slab that continuously gets thinner. We had rounded corners, then we went to square corners, now we’re back to rounded corners, which jives with the design language of the tablets too, makes sense. I don’t own an iphone anymore, but I bet the production model will look nice. People have a tendency to hate new things until they see them in person. I’ll admit that the iphone 5c always seemed kinda cheap and crappy, but that could have been the relative factor to the 5 and 5s

  • Tim

    sorry, I should have said “rectangular slab”

  • WatDah

    The word “confirm” should not be used with a mock up.

    This doesn’t “confirm” anything.

  • Ryne

    I hope this is not true. I hate rounded corners, it looks cheap. The beveled clean edge of my 5 looks expensive and in line with the Apple design aesthetic.