Alleged ‘iPhone 6s’ Shell Shows Reinforced Frame Around ‘Bendgate’ Area [VIDEO]


Toronto-based YouTuber Unbox Therapy set the iPhone 6 ‘bendgate’ controversy off with their bend test last year of Apple’s newest iPhone 6 Plus (which some believed to be faked).

Since then, rumours have pointed at Apple using a stronger 7000 series aluminum to strengthen the next-generation ‘iPhone 6s’ (the same aluminum-grade used in the Apple Watch Sport).

Unbox Therapy I has now posted a video detailing what claims to be the next shell for the iPhone 6s, that shows not only thicker area where the ‘bendgate’ area was susceptible to, but also a lighter shell. Take a look at the screenshot image below:

Screenshot 2015 08 10 10 20 47

Original iPhone 6 shell on the left; alleged ‘iPhone 6s’ shell on the right

The area near the volume rocker buttons is now a bit thicker at 1.90mm in the alleged ‘iPhone 6s’ shell, while the original iPhone 6 shell comes in at 1.14mm. Also, the video shows the iPhone 6 shell weighs 27 grams, while the newer ‘iPhone 6s’ shell weighs slightly less at 25 grams.

Check out the video below—Unbox Therapy says they will perform bend tests of this newer shell in a future video.

Consumer Reports concluded in their independent tests last year the iPhone 6 was “not as bendy as believed,” while Apple said warping of the device was extremely rare.

Numerous purported leaks of the ‘iPhone 6s’ shell and display have surfaced recently, with a report on the weekend citing the next iPhone launch will debut on September 9, along with new iPads and the next-gen Apple TV.


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