Alleged iPhone 7 Leak Shows Rumoured Dual-Lens Camera, 256GB Storage Option



New images what are reportedly components of Apple’s iPhone 7 seem to show the rumoured dual-lens camera, alongside a new 256GB storage option.

The photos were posted on the Chinese social network Weibo (via Steve Hemmerstoffer on Twitter). The images show the two lenses, along with flash storage in 16GB, 64GB and all-new new 256GB option.

If these images are real, they could indicate Apple will sell a version of the iPhone 7 with its biggest storage option to date. The report suggests that the 256GB option will only be available on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Other rumours point to the iPhone 7 ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack in favour of the Lightning connector. As always, these rumours are unofficial until Apple announces the device, so take them with a grain of salt.


  • Andy

    This 16gb bullcrap needs to stop. So many gigs are used up by the os alone.

  • LionsRoar

    wait.. no 128gig?? See folks, this is apple’s way of tricking you into buying the next highest or take the lower option.. The most popular ones 32gig and 128 gigs are excluded to trick you into buying the next highest or the next lowest.. gee apple once again continues to alienate their loyal customers… Im thinking of leaving soon as my contract expires.. Goodbye Tim and enjoy your billions, and boinking your gay boyfriend in that ridiculous spaceship of yours..

  • FragilityG4

    You do realize this is a rumour and nothing has been confirmed? Why not wait until September when Mr. Cook takes to the stage before jumping to conclusions.