Alleged Next Generation ‘iPhone 5’ Metal Back Hands On [VIDEO]


A hands-on video has surfaced of a purported metal back from the next generation ‘iPhone 5’ via reseller ETradeSupply, as noted by CydiaBlog. Within the video below you will see how the supposed metal back compares to that of the current aluminum frame of the iPhone 4/4S.

We have seen other leaked pics of the taller next generation metal back before, but this is the first hands-on. The sound of this metal back being dropped onto the table makes it sound really ‘cheap’–this could be just a realistic fake. Think about all of those other ‘leaked’ iPhone 5 cases from last year. None of them were correct.

What do you think? Metal-backed iPhone coming our way?


  • Ahaha. I love rumour season. Yeah, that could be the iPhone 5. Fits other rumors we’ve been hearing.

  • IF this is real, the casing looks really nice.

  • Kris Meador

    Uggg – the thought of a two-toned colour phone makes me kinda ill – especially the pictures of the white one we’ve seen. I really hope these are fake or early prototypes.

  • Gary…Pls add the original source

  • Prailor

    mmm yeah…. no
    they wouldn’t do a two tone like that 

  • Kwb

    Fake I don’t think so

  • FragilityG4

    A couple things here:

    1. There’s no legal writing under the iPhone logo which is mandatory.

    2. He talks of how thin it is but is comparing the “iPhone 5” bottom case only to a complete iPhone 4.

    3. If it is real is there no longer a top mic? (noise canceling/speakerphone mic)

    4. If it is real I like it … It would be sad to see the glass go but this does look nice to me.

  • Hi Mike. Edited to link back to you.

  • Here is the part for sale at etrade supply. $700, but it is out of stock. :/

  • Moe

    Nobody commented on the changed plug at the bottom. I don’t think Apple has any intention on changing the one they’ve been using for more than a decade! Looks absolutely fake!

  • I don’t think this is legit, because there is no place anywhere for the “second microphone” for noise reduction – right now this microphone is located beside the earphone plug..

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  • Rejie

    Fuck the Chinese comparables. The iPhone 4 even looked fake. He’s prob making more money off of YouTube in china than he wud make in 10 yrs over this link. Even his accent sounded fake. No racism involved. But this looks way too fkin fake. Possibly same shell. But his ‘microsim’ tray comparable part was quite a fail

  • Fake as hell, lol