Alleged Photos of Low-Cost iPhone Show Plastic iPhone 5 Case


A new set of images of what Chinese sources claim to represent the low-cost iPhone have reached, which is known for its reliability regarding information accuracy about unreleased Apple products.


As you can see from the above image, it shows the rear of the plastic iPhone with a Lightning cable plugged into the bottom.

The images appear to be very convincing, but after a closer look and analysis, like the ones performed by the French site and MacRumors, reveals that these are fakes.


The first thing that catches the eye is the lack of an Apple logo. Secondly, the Lightning cable appears to be plugged into a plastic case rather than a lightning port of a device.

Nowhereelse has performed other types of analysis: they adjusted the exposure and contrast of the image, to reveal the bottom of the device. As a result, the Lightning cable definitely appears to be plugged into a hole in the case.


Also, the low-cost iPhone features lots of similarities with the iPhone 5 (speaker, microphone and headphone jack), which isn’t likely to happen when the device launches this fall — if the rumour mill is correct.


  • reformcanada

    7 more days till we will know for sure what Apple has up its sleeves! It better be something good. They need to do more than just tweak the processor chip or the placement of the headphone jack. They need to give the WOW factor to stay ahead of the competition. I do not think a low-cost iPhone is the solution for Apple to succeed. Apple was first to slam netbooks as they saw it as just a dumbed down version of a laptop. Apple does not want to release a dumbed down version of an iPhone.

  • Shaun Conway

    Apple is getting slaughtered in the most populous countries outside of North America. Import taxes make it almost impossible to afford iPhones. Android devices are winning over customers in droves due to low cost. Sure you may not have an iPhone and you probably want one, but a cheap Android will do if you’re poor. Believe it or not, North America has a lot less population than Asia and india. And they are the target for these low cost iPhones. As a company, a low cost iPhone is an absolute must to survive. You may not realize that phones are not just used in North America, the rest of the world needs phones too.

  • KJ

    It makes me laugh when ppl talk about a “wow” factor….I own a iPhone and love it….but
    I have not see any “wow” factors from any smart phone maker in year…if you think the s4, rim, etc had a wow factor that makes me laugh my ass off

  • WatDah

    By your theory, Apple would of died a long time ago. A low cost phone is not necessarily a must. Apple has always and only been selling high priced products. As long as they can still maintain a high standard of marketing and create the “want” factor, people will still save up to buy one. Just like people will save up and stand in line to buy a PS4 or XBox One. It’s the same principles, especially when it is something you’ll be using every single day.

    Low cost iPhone, just what is that suppose to be? A tone downed version without much of the special functions, one would assume? Is that really something Apple will do? And destroy their own image of being a premium brand? IMHO, it would be the absolute worst thing to do to the Apple brand. Critics will write their stories and theories of Apple’s miserable desperation to try and save their company from losing market shares by the decimal. And the general image of the brand will suffer from those stories (and it’s already happening with the rumors/reports). THAT would be the worst thing to happen for a company that relies heavily on image. If you pay enough attention, you would find the sale numbers of iPhones to be rather stable. Which means Apple is still doing a good job in getting people to want their products. What they really need to give themselves a boost from the competition, is to come up with something new/different. I wouldn’t say it’s overdue, but It’s about time for Apple to start innovating again if they want to stay at the top. What good will it do by pulling themselves down with products that goes against the company’s believes and integrity, for a short term matter that has shown minor effects in terms of sales on a global scale? iPhone has already gone so far, so keep those customers happy, and bring new ones in with new products. That’s what will bring success in the long run.