Amazon Alexa Launches Multi-User Support in Canada with ‘Your Voice’ Debut


Amazon has started to roll out its ‘Your Voice’ feature for Alexa to users in Canada, which now allows for personalized experiences on who’s speaking, explains the company in a statement to iPhone in Canada.

What does this mean? Alexa Voice Profiles will now let individual users in your household talk to your Echo speaker, instead of just recognizing all members as one person.

Here’s how to setup voice enrollment—just say “Alexa, learn my voice” in front your Echo Dot or Echo, then follow the instructions to teach Alexa your voice, which takes about five minutes to recognize you. To confirm your voice, you can ask “Alexa, who am I?”. Users will require an Alexa-enabled device and a registered Alexa account.

You can also create a voice profile using the Alexa iOS app. Hit up Menu > Settings > Your Voice (under Accounts). As the setup process begins, you’ll be able to select which device you want to interact with to teach Alexa your voice. Users will be prompted to say various phrases shown on screen out loud, and the setup will end with Alexa saying “good job.”

IMG 1730

Once you’ve enrolled your voice profile, it’ll be recognized automatically across all the Alexa-enabled devices in your home.

For now, Your Voice works for:

  • Calling & Messaging
  • Calendar
  • Music
  • Shopping
  • Flash Briefing.
According to Amazon, additional Alexa features “will roll out in the future”, and ‘Your Voice’ will get smarter the more you use it.

Right now, has a sale on Echo Dot ($59.99) and Echo ($109.99) for a limited time.

With this addition of multi-user support from Alexa, the latter now matches Google Assistant for supporting more than one user. As of now, Apple’s Siri only supports individual users.

Let us know how your voice profile setup goes with your Alexa devices.


  • Aaron Hoyland

    When we say it works for “Music,” is that limited to Amazon Prime Music? I’d love to be able to be able to play from multiple Spotify accounts.

  • swotam

    FYI there’s a typo in your sentence on pricing. The Echo Dot is $59.99 while the Echo is $109.99. ?

  • Doh, fixed! thanks

  • I think you can only link one Spotify account to Alexa for now.

  • BudAV

    Any word on when Alexa in Canada will directly access Audible books? Also is it just Canadian Echos that don’t support reoccuring reminders?

  • Aaron Hoyland

    That’s been my experience as well. Thanks.

  • PowerWheelz #BB10

    I’m using reoccurring reminders on my echo. In the app turn “repeat” on then select your recurrence. I have 1 that reminds every weekday morning at 8:18am that it’s time for the kids to go to school (so they know that means go get on coat and boots and get out the door.
    Mine is purchased from and linked to account. I have not tried via voice to add reminders so not sure if its an issue there.

  • BudAV

    Thanks for the tip. Didn’t realize it works in the app. It’s just strange setting it by voice. Say “Alexa, set a repeating reminder for Monday at 5pm” nets the response “Sorry, for now, I can’t set recurring reminders”. The “for now” made me wonder if an update is pending.

  • PowerWheelz #BB10

    Try changing your wording. Try “Alexa, remind me to [task] on every Monday at 7 a.m.”

  • BudAV

    Just gave it a shot, same response.

  • Brendan Miller

    This article isn’t accurate. You cannot associate voices with specific calendars in Canada