Amazon Canada Bumps Free Shipping Requirement to $35


Back in February, bumped their free shipping minimum from $35 to $49 USD, and at the time, we questioned whether would follow suit.

Well, that has just happened, as Amazon Canada has raised their free shipping minimum from $25 to $35. Of course, this increase does not affect those with Prime subscriptions, but the increase looks to funnel more people to pay $79 per year for unlimited free shipping with no minimums (Students get Prime for half price at $39).

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The free shipping minimum is still less than and other retailers at $50, but it’s getting there. However, if your cart doesn’t meet the free shipping minimum, you could always combine an order with a friend and have items shipped to different addresses.

For those with Prime (like us), it’s pretty awesome and does make you purchase items (and pay a couple dollars more sometimes) you normally wouldn’t buy, thanks to the no minimum shipping that comes in two days. Ordering items seamlessly from the Amazon iOS app is just too easy, and frees up time battling shoppers and line ups in stores, to spend more time with family.


  • MAtt

    Pardon my French, amazon Canada, but that’s a dick move
    Especially at a time where amazon USA reduced their prime membership fee right now for a limited time

  • ECBomb

    Amazon hasn’t really had “deals” for non-Prime subscribers in awhile. They pretty much kicked retail shops out of business and are monopolizing the online shopping portal. Rather give my business to remaining local retail locations at this point since I’m able to find deals still.

  • Jason

    I find nothing interesting on I buy on .com and head to Blaine WA to pick it up and enjoy the savings.

  • OliChabot

    I cancelled my Amazon Prime membership after having lost many items I ordered when it got shipped. I loved the Amazon service and ease, but Canada Post is just shit and I wish they would change to UPS or FedEx until the service is normal again. Almost every time I had a delivery notice but my package was not even in my mailbox, or they lost my stuff… It was a mess calling them or CP back to get help but thankfully Amazon always refunded me for that.

    Now with this 35$ minimum I will order even less… Would rather just go to Best Buy and have the price matched.