Amazon Canada Previews ‘Summer Entertainment’ Deals on Prime Day


Last week, Amazon announced Prime Day would be launching worldwide on July 12, including Canada. This one-day sales event returns for the second year in a row, an exclusive event only for Prime members.

Amazon emailed iPhone in Canada a preview of what to expect in their “Summer Entertainment” section, seen below (more previews are coming in the upcoming days):

  • Up to 60% off select Hasbro toys and games
  • Save up to 33% on select LG 1080p Smart LED TVs
  • Save 27% on the Celluon PicoPro Ultra-Portable Laser HD Projector
  • Amazon Exclusive: The Ultimate James Bond Collection + Spectre, $94.9
  • Save over 50% on the CyberPower Sinewave UPS Power System
  • Save 39% on the Philips Wake-Up Coloured Sunrise Simulation Light

Off the bat, nothing really catches our eye, but we’ll wait until July 12 to cast judgment on the event. Last year’s sale was lukewarm at best, with top sellers in Canada being diapers, headphones, and slow cookers.


  • Yearoftherat

    With the postal strike happening in the near future, we may not ge able to take advantage of these deals.

  • Bafoon

    Amazon has its own delivery now – and won’t be impacted by the sh!thousery of CP

  • Bafoon

    The best thing about the prime days last year was for me to get a glimpse of the plane flying across DT with the Amazon days banner, from the 47th floor. Wonder if it’ll be the same this time

  • Mr Dog

    Did they start early? I noticed the banner and a pretty decent deal on a UPS

  • Quattro

    The “up to” is typical retail marketing BS. Some crappy non-seller is the one item that is the high percentage off, and all other items are closer to 20%.

    You can find these types of deals anywhere. Even Apple had the $100 James Bond collection… admittedly without Spectre, but that was a horrible movie anyway.

    Isn’t the Philips light bulb thing dead now?

    If they sent that list as enticement, then… I’m NOT enticed.