Amazon Canada: Prime Same-Day Delivery in Vancouver, Toronto Now Free


Amazon Canada has announced this morning Prime members in Vancouver and Toronto will now have same-day delivery available, for eligible items and orders of $25 or more. Previously launched two years ago, it cost $6.99 for same-day delivery, but that is now free.

The company said there are over 500,000 items in Vancouver and over one million in Toronto available for free same-day Prime shipping, seven days a week, ahead of the fall and holiday shopping season.

Prime orders placed in the morning will be delivered by 9PM the same day (or by ‘bedtime’ as Amazon says), while those placed later in the day will be delivered the next day by the same time, for free.

Alexandre Gagnon, Country Manager for, said in a statement to iPhone in Canada, “Prime was developed to make shopping on Amazon fast and convenient, and Prime members in Canada can now enjoy fast, unlimited, free Prime delivery seven days a week,” adding “We keep making Prime better, and as our operational capabilities grow, we continue to increase product selection and enhance delivery options that customers in Canada enjoy.”

Eligible items will show an icon which indicates a Prime ‘FREE’ Same-Day icon, available to those in Vancouver and Toronto.

Click here to learn more about the details from Amazon and to see if your postal code is eligible.


  • swotam

    Finally signed up for Prime yesterday, it was getting painful trying to find $35 worth of stuff just to get free shipping. Of course, you still have to meet that $25 minimum, but the next time I order dog food, boom, fido gets her food same day!

  • The time saved with Prime is priceless!

    Prime is pretty great, we use it a lot including subscriptions for household items, such as organics bags. They just show up automatically. Wish we had same-day here!

  • Brew
  • Ed Cicci

    Just checked the link and despite the fact that I live north of Toronto, it appears I’m still eligible for the free shipping.

  • winnertakesteve

    Prime video pls.

  • swotam

    Same in Milton which is just East of Toronto, so I’m assuming that when they say “Toronto” they mean GTA.

  • Just saying!

    Milton is west of Toronto 🙂

  • Salinger

    Amazon does its own deliveries now, at least here in Toronto and it’s always on time if not early.

  • Salinger

    I have a lot of subscriptions too. The prices were already good, and with the extra 15% off it’s awesome.

    I used to not be a fan of Prime because I already pretty much get 2 day delivery on most things even with standard free shipping. But the freedom to order almost anything, regardless of how small the order is, is proving to be really addictive to me. 🙂 And now, with same day shipping, it’s only going to get better! I just wish we had some of the extra perks the US and UK get with their Prime membership.

  • Jason

    Just curious what else you find worth purchasing on I rarely use it and when I use it I tend to find better deals south of the border.

  • Agreed. Once you try it you totally go right to Amazon first to buy items or search for them. We have a spatula coming today because our other one broke. Stuff like that is such a time saver, ordering from the iPhone app.

  • swotam

    Lol, good point. Fixed.

  • Joined Prime when we had our baby, was priceless for automatic diaper deliveries, toys, gifts for birthdays, random household stuff, etc.

    My wife found some crazy deals on there for 7 for Mankind jeans, sold from Amazon (actual 7 for Mankind, not third party seller) for $50. Regular price $200+ in stores. There are gems for sure you just need to find them.

  • Mr Dog

    This is awesome!! I was unsure if it was worth the renewal but this definitely makes it worth it.

    I literally live down the road from their fulfillment center and wish they did pick ups.

  • OliChabot

    If only they changed their shipping carrier.

  • Francesco

    Hopefully Montreal soon… been a Prime US member since 2001…

  • Riddlemethis

    Is Prime really worth it now despite the extra cost? I also didn’t know there was a minimum amount ($25) you had to buy to get free shipping with Prime. If that’s the case, I can see how Amazon encourages you to spend more with them. Besides, I tend to buy mostly from Amazon USA which more often then not (there have been exceptions) it’s been cheaper in the USA even when you pay PST and GST at the border.

    Edit: seems like there are many conditions with Amazon Prime and free shipping doesn’t apply to “Amazon Marketplace sellers” who are 3rd party sellers which is what many of us use.

  • Riddlemethis

    Too many conditions with Amazon Prime and free shipping doesn’t apply to “Amazon Marketplace sellers” who are 3rd party sellers which is what many of us use.

  • Prime does not require a minimum for free shipping. The $25 number was only for non-Prime to get free shipping (but that has since jumped to $35).

    As long as the item is fulfilled by Amazon, it’s shipped free within 2 days, no matter what the price is.