Amazon Canada Launches ‘Amazon Student’ Program: Get Prime Membership for 50% Off


Screenshot 2014 07 15 11 31 18 continues to improve as the company has launched Amazon Student, a program aimed at getting college and university students to shop more online.

Amazon Student offers six months of unlimited free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime—after that, the cost is just $39 annually, which is half price compared to the regular membership fee of $79.

“We want students to feel empowered by offering a program that makes going off to university and preparing for the upcoming semester easy and affordable — where students can get fast, free shipping and have everything they need delivered directly to their doorstep,” said Alexandre Gagnon, country manager for “Amazon Student saves time and money and makes it convenient for university students to find deals on room essentials and campus must-haves like electronics, small kitchen appliances and more. Plus, students can find a wide variety of textbooks – all at”

The program also offers exclusive offers on items geared at students (similar to the relatively new Amazon Family program) and the goal is to target students who don’t have vehicles to shop off campus and wait items delivered to their doorstep.

Here are the program conditions from the fine print—you’ll need to…

  • (1) have an account,
  • (2) be a college, university or CEGEP student actively enrolled in at least one course at a college, university or CEGEP geographically located in Canada
  • (3) be able to provide proof of enrolment upon request
  • (4) have a valid college, university or CEGEP e-mail address

The program is only available up to four years, the standard time to complete a university degree (unless your name is Van Wilder).

The company also says students can save up to 90% off used textbooks and 35% off new textbooks in their Amazon Textsbooks store.

Click here to sign up for Amazon Student. Sounds like an amazing way to get Prime for 50% off!


  • Ryan Laker

    Curious how much of a pain in the ass this proves to be to sign up for. I’ve submitted a copy of my latest tuition bill and it has “been forwarded to the appropriate department”. We shall see how it goes.

  • The easiest way to sign up via your university or college email. Amazon sends a confirmation link to your email and all you have to do is ‘click’ it to sign up. It’s that easy. I’m sure some people have already used their imagination…(well, lots of people on RFD have!).

  • Ryan Laker

    This only works with supported university domains and doesn’t work if your university doesn’t have email for students. I go to Camosun in Victoria and only staff get email. I am also taking courses through TRU and my email address with them was not supported.

  • Oh, right I can see how that is a problem.

    I’m sure your transcript won’t be a problem. I bet Amazon customer service by chat might even be able to help you expedite your sign up if you haven’t tried already. Guess it’s a matter of how quickly they process your application.

  • Guest

    It ended up being pretty smooth submitting a bill from TRU to get the free prime trial. Loving it so far. So far only one package has been late.

  • Ryan Laker

    It ended up being pretty smooth process submitting a bill from TRU to get the free prime trial. Loving it so far. So far only one package has been late.

  • Nice. Yeah, Prime is pretty great. You end up ordering a bunch of stuff you don’t really need. But hey, shipping is ‘free’!