Amazon Prime Air Will Deliver Packages to your Home via Drones [VIDEO]



Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has revealed on CBS’ 60 Minutes tonight a new delivery concept set to arrive in the next 4 to 5 years–Amazon Prime Air. This service will deliver packages under 5 pounds by drone within a 10 mile radius of distribution centers for 30 minute delivery options.

The craft are autonomous, per Bezos: An Amazon employee would enter a delivery recipients’ GPS address and away the aircraft would fly.

“The hard part here is putting in all the redundancy,” Bezos told interviewer Charlie Rose. “All the reliability to say this can’t land on somebody’s head.”

Check out the demo video below:

This will be revolutionary. Let’s hope this will make it to Canada one day.


  • Shutt

    Sure, and then let’s have people shot em out of the air to intercept packages.
    Or even better they malfunction drop on someone’s front window while he’s or she is driving and causes a car accident

  • Rio

    You’d be surprised how reliable these things can be.

    It is a great idea if they can actually do it.

  • Mark Roberts

    Think about all the money going in to the development of this technology. Then, think about all the better uses that money could have been used towards. Is this really necessary?

  • Chrome262

    This is a joke, seriously how easy it would be to hack one.

  • I think catching it out of mid-air with a net would be easier??

  • Bezos runs Amazon like a well-oiled machine. This idea looks to save the company in shipping costs in the long run. But yeah, I don’t think it was cheap to develop this system at all.

  • Rio

    Now think about the number of small orders Amazon does per day, then think the amount of money they would be saving over 10 years by having drones deliver them as opposed to a human person being paid 11-20$ an hour? and the gas being put into their trucks?

  • pegger1

    Do you have the same concern for other aircraft?

  • Joe

    “cars are a joke, seriously how easy would it be to break into and hotwire one.”

    Sure, you could go ahead and hack one of these, but you’d need to tell Amazon your name, credit card information, and street address to get them to deliver it to you. When they see that it’s been two hours, it hasn’t returned, the GPS says it was last seen at your doorstep, and it’s sent a picture into headquarters of you trapping it in a net, chances are you aren’t going to walk away without being charged.

  • Chrome262

    have you ever tried to hotwire a new car? and most cars don’t have the engine and computer components exposed, and rely on wireless communication. I am not saying its a Joke in its quality, I am saying that this isn’t a real application, and its someone spoofing a story.

  • Chrome262

    yes, or shooting it down with a paintball gun.