Amazon Launches Prime Free One-Day Delivery in Montreal


Amazon Prime members in Montreal, time to get ready for even faster Prime shipping speeds. The company has announced this morning free one-day delivery for Prime members is now available in the city, on orders over $25.

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With one-day delivery, orders made before midnight will receive packages the following day by 9PM. Amazon says there are over a million items available that are eligible for one-day delivery.

“We are excited to offer Prime members in Montreal this new faster free delivery service that includes weekend deliveries at no extra cost,” said Mike Strauch, Country Manager for, said in a statement to iPhone in Canada. “Customers in Montreal will now have even faster access to over a million items, from books to clothing and from new releases movies to gaming consoles.”

Customers can find items eligible for the faster shipping speed by looking for the Prime Free One-Day icon, or filtering searches by the Prime Free One-Day check box.

Montreal becomes the third city to get faster Prime shipping speeds at one-day, while Toronto and Vancouver gained free same-day delivery back in September.

Click here to check out Amazon Prime—It comes with a free 30 day trial.


  • holeyman

    Now if only this was extended to the south shore… hopeful.

  • Olley

    Seriously Amazon Canada is pretty good with deliveries that I really don’t need Prime membership. For the past 10 deliveries, I had standard 7-10 days shipping but the longest I ever waited was 3 days. Most arrived within 2 days or even overnight. Downtown Vancouver here.

  • I_care

    not only amazon is delivering same day in vancouver… wait tomorrow announcment by a vancouver base company…

  • Salinger

    I used to feel that way too. I’m in downtown Toronto and rarely took anything more than 2 days to arrive. Often, as you say, it’d be there the next day.

    But I signed up for Prime over a year ago to take advantage of their Prime Day deals and haven’t looked back since. The freedom to order something, anything just about, even if it’s just $5 and not have to think about accumulating $35 worth of goods to get free shipping is pretty awesome. Plus, Prime gives you a “Guranateed Delivery Date”, not just estimated. If your package arrives late, Amazon will give you an extra free month of Prime, a credit, or some other compensation.

    Prime Video is here now, albeit a bit anemic at the moment, and there are a few other perks that come with a Prime membership. For me, I feel it’s totally worth it.