Amazon Prime Video App Launches for Sony PS4, PS3 in Canada


Amazon has announced their Prime Video app has launched in the PlayStation Store in Canada, now allowing customers to watch their TV shows and movies on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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Amazon informs iPhone in Canada today marks the launch of their original series THE TICK, while The Grand Tour is their most-watched Prime Video series worldwide. Canadians gained Prime Video back in December 2016.

Later this year, Amazon Prime Video will launch an app on Apple TV 4.

New customers can click here to sign up for a Prime membership to start streaming today.


  • Morgan

    I want one for Apple TV tho ????

  • That’s coming later this year. It was announced on stage at WWDC earlier this year.

  • Morgan

    I know I’m just impatient ????

  • wongnog

    What about for Xbox one?

  • It is annoying that it’s taken them so long to release it, but of course the obvious guess is that they want to release it with “4K Streaming” listed as one of the features, and they can’t do that until there’s a 4K Apple TV.

  • Carlos

    I contacted Amazon a while back and asked about Amazon Prime for Xbox in Canada. They already have it in the States. Amazon gave me a canned response and told me to watch it online.

  • John Papoula

    One of my friends who installed the Prime Video app on his PS3 is saying he can’t seem to get 5.1 audio even though he’s using an HDMI cable into an A/V receiver and the source show or movie has 5.1 audio. Does he need to do a bandwidth test?