Amazon Prime Video Lands on Apple TV in Canada, Adds iPhone X Support


Amazon and Apple both announced a Prime Video app would be coming to Apple TV by the end of 2017, and earlier this morning that promise was fulfulled.

Both Apple and Amazon have made official announcements this morning about the launch, which brings Prime Video to Apple TV for users in over 100 countries.

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“Amazon Prime Video is one of the most eagerly anticipated apps to come to Apple TV, so we’re excited to bring all of that great content to customers,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, in a statement.

Also new today is universal search for Prime Video and integration with the TV iOS app. Universal search allows users to search with Siri for Prime Video titles, currently supported in Canada, the US, Australia, Norway and Sweden for now. This means Siri can now search for over 1.3 million episodes and movies on Apple TV.

“There is nothing that excites us more than delighting our customers, and we are thrilled for them to stream Prime Video on Apple TV,” said Mark Eamer, Vice President of Prime Video, in a statement. “The app arrives just in time for the highly anticipated new season of The Grand Tour, which launches on December 8th, and Prime Video members streaming on the Apple TV 4K will have the exceptional viewing experience of 4K HDR.”

iPhone X users will be happy to know screen support is also available today as well.

This is great news. Finally an easier way to watch Prime Video on Apple TV. With the recent launch of Echo devices and Alexa too, Amazon is killing it in Canada.

Amazon Prime Video is a free perk for Prime subscribers, a membership which costs $79 CAD per year and includes free two-day shipping, Prime Music and more.


  • Mike

    Seems there is an issue playing 5.1 on the Apple TV app.

  • Corey Beazer

    wish you could just sign up for Prime video and not Prime as a whole… I just want to watch The Grand Tour for a month and then cancel….

  • Sly C

    Pretty sure amazon prime still offers a free month when you sign up.

  • Corey Beazer

    I used that last year to watch season 1

  • Just tried it out with my brand new Apple TV 4K. The video quality for HD content looks awful. Extreme compression artifacting. I hope that’s something that can be ironed out.

  • Sly C

    Haha touché. Create a new account with another email?

  • Chrome262

    its cheaper per month then netflix

  • Kev

    anyone able to see Movies, I get the spinning wheel but only TV shows load

  • Thought I’d add a note that I discovered the cause of it looking awful. I had just got my Apple TV 4K and was letting it do SDR to HDR conversion, which it does a HORRIBLE job of. After turning on the new option to have the colour range match the content, video from Amazon Prime looks much better.

    The one issue I do notice now though is that the audio lags for any video I watch through Prime Video as opposed to other videos I watch on my Apple TV. Strange.

  • Cameron

    Same for me

  • Interesting. I’m able to see and browse movies just fine. My only complaint is that the audio isn’t in sync with everything else I play on the Apple TV. Anyone else having that issue?