Amazon Prime Video Launches in Canada, Free with Prime Subscription


As we had expected, Amazon Prime Video is now available in Canada, as part of a global rollout of the service in 200 countries (excluding China). The service allows streaming of Amazon’s original series and their roster of Hollywood movies and TV shows.

Joining Canada today, Prime members in Belgium, France, India, Italy and Spain can stream away, while new territories can sign up for Prime Video alone for $2.99 USD per month for the first six months.

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How to get started with Amazon Prime Video? For starters, you need to be an Amazon Prime member, which costs $79 per year (it’s 50% off if you’re a student). Yes, with a Prime subscription you’ll get free access to Prime Video.

If you’re signing up to Amazon Prime Video alone, the monthly cost to watch their video content works out to $6.58 CAD per month, which is cheaper than Netflix and other streaming services in Canada like Bell’s CraveTV.

Once you’ve signed up, just download Amazon Prime Video for iOS, login and start streaming shows. You’ll be able to watch exclusives like The Grand Tour and more.

Amazon Prime Video was expected to launch on December 1, based on words from Bell Media’s president speaking at a CRTC public hearing on TV licenses. It didn’t launch on that date but a couple weeks later.

Taking a quick look at what’s available in the Amazon Prime Video library in Canada, there are some pretty decent Hollywood movies and classics like Scarface, Crocodile Dundee and Waterworld, plus most of the Fast and Furious series. You can view from the iOS/Android apps and also the web, plus download shows for offline viewing, helpful if you don’t have Wi-Fi or want to save our data plan.

Click here to sign up for Amazon Prime and to also start watching your new video streaming service. It costs $79 after a free 30 day trial, while residents in Quebec get 13 months for $79 instead of the free trial. Note that if you have jumped on a Prime trial before, the free trial this time around will still work.

Let us know how you’re liking Amazon Prime Video in Canada!


  • pg_72

    Nice addition to a Prime membership if you already have one, but by no means a reason to get one…right now the selection is not as good as CraveTV, let alone Netflix. Hopefully the selection will grow a bit with time.

  • xeronine992

    Their catalog is far from great. It’s actually pretty sad. I think I counted 16 TV shows. Not even Netflix was this bad when it first launched in Canada.

  • Corey Beazer

    I’ll get it for the months that Grand Tour is being released, after that they’d need some good new content.

  • Colin Jay

    Ridiculously small library and no Apple TV app yet. I’ll wait and see if it gets any better in the coming months.

  • Geeta Dutt

    I have prime but no thanks for now, will have to see if it improves in the next few months. Gosh, the offerings at the moment are awful!!!

  • Agreed. Will be watching mainly Amazon’s original shows and the odd DVD sale bin movie, but this is a start.

  • Come on, what’s wrong with Crocodile Dundee 1 and 2?!

  • Geeta Dutt


  • If you have Prime already then it is a great addition for no extra cost. Combined with Netflix it should give you enough variety to be able to find something to entertain you.

  • Salinger

    I think their content library will amp up quickly. Getting media rights in Canada, with all the vertically integrated, government protected media corps here is a nightmare. But Amazon has the size and pockets to do it.

    For now, I think it’s great. I was already a Prime member anyway and felt it was well worth the $79/year. Why would I complain about having an extra benefit added to that for no additional cost no matter how sparse the launch catalogue is? Let’s not forget, the service is, LITERALLY, a few hours old in Canada.

    I do think the headline of the article is a little misleading. If I wasn’t already familiar with Prime, I’d infer from the headline that the video service alone is $79 per year.

  • Harold Mitchell

    Absolutely agree….ready to watch Amazon’s original content!

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    I read that Amazon Instant Prime app is not available on the Apple TV. Other reports say I can use AirPlay from my iPad however the description in the App Store says US Only. Why?!? Amazon, grow up and build an Apple TV 4 app already.

  • mcfilmmakers

    It’s free so quit complaining.

  • David

    Prime Video doesn’t seem to be available during the free trial of Prime Student.

  • erth

    please write an apple tv app for this amazon. it is needed….

  • Mark Holoubek

    With the demise of Shomi, I’m sure more content will fill up as Crave and the Canadian Netflix won’t grab it all. As for Apple TV, maybe the new US Amazon Shopping app is an indication that they’ll eventually sneak streaming on (as long as they don’t have to give Apple a 30..make that 15% cut!)

  • So you’re already paying for it but refusing to use it because you don’t like the selection of titles you’re being given for free?

  • Geeta Dutt

    Yeah, pretty much.

  • Okay, cool. Just checking. ????

  • speedracer99

    There is a Amazon Prime Video app on PS4. You might need a US PlayStation Store account to download it. I expect at some point it should be avail In the Canada PlayStation store.

  • Geeta Dutt

    Ok, I found something to watch, the Night Manager LOL!

  • abhatia

    Confirmed with online chat rep, student prime membership does not include Prime Video.

  • KS

    I just signed up for Prime Video (not a Prime subscriber). I can’t seem to find Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle. Am I the only one?

  • disqus_DTZ3Mc0wyz

    As a Prime subscriber, can you get Amazon Prime TV on Netflix? I am not a fan of watching anything on small screens.