Amazon Prime Video Launches on Xbox, Xbox One in Canada


Amazon Prime subscribers in Canada have access to Prime Video, the company’s streaming video service, which also includes original series for viewing and more. Starting today, support for Amazon Prime Video has been added for Xbox and Xbox One family of devices in Canada—including the Xbox One X coming on November 7. This means yet another place where you can start watching Prime Video in your living room.

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The company says the Amazon Prime Video app is now available for download via the Xbox Store. Prime Video includes various titles in 4K UHD, whereas with Netflix you need to pay extra for this high quality video tier. Videos can also be downloaded for offline viewing.

Amazon Prime Video launched in Canada last year, and support for Apple TV is supposed to arrive this year. When asked when support was coming, a spokesperson said there were currently no updates on when Prime Video will be launching on Apple TV.

Amazon Prime costs $79 per year in Canada, while students get it for 50% off—click here to sign up.


  • Mark Holoubek

    F*****g Amazon…

  • Rye

    Man, Xbox gets all the Canadian streaming apps that won’t come to Apple TV … tsn ctv tmn go and now prime.

  • mxmgodin

    Amazon Prime Video is coming to the Apple TV later this fall. There is no release date yet, but it’s been confirmed at WWDC this year (iirc). It’s also been available on PS4 for a couple months, too.

    Though, I hope for Xbox users that it isn’t just a port of the PS4 app. It’s pretty bad. It uses a custom keyboard for text entry instead of the system one (which means you can’t use the “second screen” feature of the Playstation app to use your phone to sign in, make searches, etc. It’s also supper sluggish and a hell to navigate. I’d rather just continue using the iPad app and AirPlay while we still wait for the native Apple TV app.

  • Carlos

    Finally! I actually emailed Amazon months ago and asked when this was coming. Thanks for the info, Gary!

  • Cheers!