Amazon Deal: Tech Armor iPhone 6/6S Glass Screen Protectors for $7.95


There’s nothing worse than a broken or smashed iPhone screen from an accidental drop, if you don’t have AppleCare. That’s why a glass screen protector can be an affordable line of defence.

Right now, has Tech Armor’s Ballistic Glass Screen Protector available for $7.95 for the iPhone 6/6s and $8.95 for the iPhone 6/6s Plus.

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These prices are exactly the same as and Tech Armor’s own website, but in Canadian dollars. Given the exchange rate, this is a decent deal, especially shipped via

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Tech Armor says these are “Precise laser cut tempered glass made with polished, rounded edges” that provide “99.99% HD clarity and touchscreen accuracy”, plus has an oleophobic coating to resist oils and fingerprints.

These glass screen protectors can save your screen from a drop or scratch, which can increase your iPhone’s resale value.

Usually tempered glass screen protectors can cost upwards of $50 or more from major brands like ZAGG, but here you can get one for under ten bucks Canadian, shipped to you in two days free if you’re an Amazon Prime member (or free if your Amazon order is $25 or higher).

Sure, you can probably find cheaper ones on eBay or other overseas sites, but shipping can take forever. This is from Amazon so you can return it if you aren’t happy. Plus, Tech Armor has a limited lifetime warranty on their glass protectors if it breaks.

Click here to jump on these Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus. Reviews on Amazon are positive and people say it’s a dead easy install.

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  • aaloo

    Does anyone know if these are true edge or edge or like most glass protectors only come to the flat part of the screen. Truly dislike how the phone ends up looking with such screen protectors and hate the sharp edge that you feel while performing edge gestures.

  • hub2

    Yes, just the flat part. I’ve only come across a single product that claims to cover the rounded parts too, and several reviews complained how it doesn’t fit right, very hard to put on, or that it interfered with their cases.

  • Just read they noted the curve in the iPhone 6/6s glass design means an edge to edge design would not stay on properly.

  • I think a traditional ‘wet’ film would go on edge to edge still, but will require more work. Try BestSkinsEver or Xtremeguard

  • Jason Bjerke

    I bought the ballistic edge to edge, seemed great, but I like using a case, and once you use a case, it catches the edges, and starts peeling up. I wanted to like it, but not with a form fitting case.

  • aaloo

    actually gary, there are a number of true edge to edge glass screen protectors out now. look up “cinder”. it is made of gorilla glass and costs 70 bucks canadian. i know from experience that its compatible with at least the apple cases.