Cyber Monday Deal: 6ft AmazonBasics Apple-Certified Lightning Cable for $4.12


Some say it’s the little things in life that bring joy, and one of them in my mind is a 6-foot/1.8 metre long Lightning USB cable. There are times when our iPhones need a recharge but we want to keep using it on the couch—that’s when a longer cable can really pay dividends. has its Cyber Monday deal on AmazonBasics (their own branded cables) Apple-certified (MFi) Lightning USB cables, and a two-pack of 6-foot/1.8 metre long cables can be had for the low price of $4.12 CAD per cable (61% off), if you’re a Prime member (non-Prime price is $5.50 each, still good). This is the lowest price ever on Amazon for these 6-foot long cables.

As you can see below, Prime members save an extra 25% off cables, available in a variety of lengths in black/white. But the best deal, in our opinion is the 2-pack of 6-foot/1.8 metre long cables, which will make killer stocking stuffers.

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Regular 3-feet long cables cost $3.74 for Prime members or $4.99 for non-Prime. If you want a Lightning cable from Apple, it’ll cost you $25.

Prime members actually get to save an extra 25% off all AmazonBasics items, which range from batteries, household goods and more.

If you’re not a Prime member yet, you can sign up for the free month trial, then order and get the deal. You have 30 days to cancel your membership so if you decide Prime isn’t for you, then nix it and you won’t be charged once the trial is over.

Click here to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership, then click here to jump on these Apple-certified cables before the sale ends.

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  • Lakh Jhajj

    Thanks Gary !! Already ordered the Amazon Basic Cables when they had it 20% off. But this is much better deal. So have to return the earlier ones and order today as Amazon don’t price match.
    Question; Do you know how their return process is on TV?? Really psyched to order one of the Vizio TV. But not sure if I like them and how the screen quality is. It’s a big item, will be a hassle sending it back don’t u think ??

  • Paul White

    Looks like the 6-foot 2-pack is no longer available. 🙁 At least, I can’t see them via your link.

  • Okay, looks like they’re sold already–that was fast 🙁

  • Jason

    I recommend getting your TV from Costco if you or a family member has a membership. I purchased the Vizio M65 a few months ago at $1999 on sale and it rocks. Today it is $1599. Costco will reimburse the price difference for 30 days. TV’s can be returned up to 90 days so I called to see if they’d give me back $400 86 days after I purchased mine and they did. If you can’t get from Costco then Amazon is great alternative.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Thanks for the much needed advice Jason. Much appreciated. Will check it out.

  • Returning it would mean taking it to Canada Post in the box, no different than buying from a store. Personally I’d stick to Costco for hassle free returns but you can’t beat some of these Vizio deals.

  • NOHoldsBar

    Unless the electronic item is the same as in B&M stores, I avoid electronics from Costco as they usually are specifically made for Costco. Quality, reliability, and durability is always inferior with Costco only items.

  • NOHoldsBar

    see my previous comment

  • Jason

    It’s the same for Vizio everywhere you go. Model numbers change with the year. Like anything you buy, do your research.