Ahead of Apple Pay Launch in Canada, ‘Amex CA’ Surges in the App Store


With American Express being the first confirmed launch partner for Apple Pay’s imminent launch in Canada, interest in the company is surging, based on its popularity in the App Store.

Currently, the American Express Canada iPhone app has vaulted to the 7th spot in the Top Free Apps ranks, when previously it was never in the top 10.

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The app’s recent spike in downloads means it has surpassed popular titles such as Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and WhatsApp in the Top Free iPhone Apps list.

Yesterday, American Express started advertising on Facebook, informing Canadians “Amex Cardmembers will be the first to use Apple Pay in Canada,” which clearly has many people excited.

Canadian banks are said to be involved with Apple Pay, based on a recent leak by TD Canada Trust; meanwhile, sources say BMO has plans too, while RBC may be involved as well.

Looks like the partnership with Apple may be paying off for American Express, which currently has about four million members in Canada (Visa and MasterCard has over 70 million combined).

Thanks Mathew B!


  • Matt

    You’re welcome 🙂 its interesting to see for sure

  • Jared Nash

    They just sent out an email to their customers informing them about the app, without mention to Apple Pay. It’s the first I recall receiving since I got my card a few years back, so a big part of the spike could be from existing customers who didn’t know about, or never bothered to search the App Store for, the app.

  • John Stiles

    Do you find a lot of places accepting American Express? Or is it just like travel and restaurants?

  • aaloo

    stupid RBC. get your act together.

  • Thierry Marques

    Depends where you live – in QC, it’s not widespread. In AB/BC but also ON it is very common. At least in the major cities of these provinces – AmEx has been my main card since 2008.

  • Jared Nash

    I don’t know about other provinces, but in BC, most large (chains) or upscale businesses take it. For most places that don’t take it, I’m buying things like a newspaper at a convenience store, so I can get away with debit. But it’s good to have another card for larger expenses at small businesses, like for car repairs.

    I use the AMEX Gold Rewards card. In terms of points earning and flexibility in redeeming them, I think it’s the best card. But it’s a charge card, not a credit card, so you have to pay the balance each month. Plus it’s a premium card with a $150 annual fee.

  • Bafoon

    I have 3 AMEX cards, my banks corporate card + platinum + an old gold card, and I exclusively use these for every since purchase I make that is not cash based. I live in Toronto.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    i got the email too

  • Guest

    Is a Scotiabank AMEX compatible or do I need to get the credit card straight from American Express?