Amex Apple Pay Launch in Canada Rumoured for November 30


It’s only a matter of time before Apple Pay launches in Canada with American Express, as Apple CEO Tim Cook announced it would be coming in 2015. But how soon though? According to an anonymous tipster, Canadians can expect Apple Pay to launch with American Express on Monday, November 30. While things can always change, take this with a grain of salt; but as of now, it seems like a plausible launch date.

Last week American Express started to inform customers Apple Pay was “coming soon”, while the company’s website also told cardholders to “stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.”

There is also another sign the launch is imminent, as attempting to add your existing American Express to Apple Pay on your iPhone 6/6s now triggers an email from Amex, according to numerous iPhone in Canada readers. The email explains American Express was unsuccessful in connecting your card to Apple Pay “on your phone”. We were able to confirm it below:

Apple pay amex

Previously, this never happened, as users would just be greeted by the standard “Apple Pay is only supported in the U.S. and the UK” message on iPhone when trying to add a random Canadian credit card, especially with an Amex card. Here are the steps to try adding your Canadian credit card to Apple Pay (it won’t work, but it’ll give you an idea of the setup).

If one of the next iOS 9.2 betas contains support for setting up Apple Pay in Canada, then you know it’s coming sooner rather than later. Last year, iOS 8.1 was released on Monday, October 20 in the U.S., bringing Apple Pay support with it. We’re close, folks!

Thanks Jon!


  • Ed Cicci

    I guess we’ll know as soon as some merchants start receiving material regarding setup. Maybe some of our readers are connected in this regard and can pass on any info.

  • Nyk0n

    only getting Amex is going to be a low usage case in Canada. I know my wife and I had Amex only for Costco and now that they are using MC we cancelled our Amex as the fees and interest were too high

    Unless they get other banks on board I don’t see Apple Pay flying very high up here in Canada where I can already use my phone to pay for things like timmies and Starbucks and my recent Canadian Tire app allows it too now

    I want a reason to lighten my wallet to just a few cards. Apple Pay is it. They just need to convince the big banks to get on board!

  • Rio

    If the big banks aren’t already on board, I think once AMEX has it out it will put a fair amount of pressure on the banks to do so as well.

  • Rio

    I would have thought the AMEX roll out would be earlier to give them a bit of advantage over the banks. Then the banks would follow suite at the end of the month.

  • Salinger

    Fees and interest rates with Amex are no higher than with any other card, barring cards specifically marketed as “low rate”.

    To be fair, credit card interest rates shouldn’t be a determining factor anyway. Credit card interest rates are ridiculously high compared to other borrowing methods. If one uses a credit card as short term loans, ie carrying a balance, they should probably not use a credit card at all. Any rewards or miles earned are costing many times more than they’re worth in interest charges.

  • Nuser

    i am about to cancel my TD visa card. i will tell them the reason is Apple Pay.. lol.

  • TD Canada Trust leaked that Apple Pay was ‘coming soon’ earlier…I wouldn’t cancel just yet!

  • Yep…there’s no way this can remain a ‘secret’ up until launch day.

  • It’s Me

    @iphoneincanada:disqus how do you even try to add an amex to Wallet? Mine doesn’t even show an option too add cards, just to add a “pass”.

  • Rio

    Im guessing he switched his region to United States. This brings up the Add a Credit/Debit card. However, up on trying it I don’t get that message, just the old only available in Canada/UK one

  • The instructions are linked in the bottom of the post, but you need to change your region in settings to USA

  • Same here, until I logged into Amex online and enabled email notifications again. That’s when I received the email message pictured.

  • Zeke

    I thought Scotia bank and RBC were rolling out their own mobile payment thing. I think it’s called Suretap or something like that. I could be wrong.

  • Rio

    ahh! Just checked my e-mail and saw the messages.

    Cool, looks like they are gearing up. Anyone tried cards from other banks? 😛

  • MGSayah

    I tried credit cards from the following Canadian financial institutions: CapitalOne, BMO, TD, National Bank, Chase Amazon. None work…so far.

  • Which means we won’t get real Apple Pay with the banks until at least the new year. Far to hectic to debut it just before Christmas holidays.

  • Eric

    I’m tempted to sign up for Amex but I already have my TD visa. Realistically I will only be using it at Starbucks and I use the app. I’ll keep waiting. I’m sure TD will launch soon too. It’s a big market to give up on.

  • It’s Me

    That was it. Thanks

  • winnertakesteve

    I’m sure branch employees aren’t privy to much, but when I made casual mention of hoping Td would eventually get Apple Pay, their response was something about Apple not wanting to play ball. I just hope it isn’t that talks fell through in the 11th hour and now we’re back to square one (besides Amex)

  • Andre

    I’ve been a Amex card holder since 89′. I rarely use it except for purchases of big ticket items like computers or when I book trips for vacations. When Apple Pay comes out with Amex, sure I will try it just for kicks. What I’m looking forward to is to be able to use Apple Pay with my debit card, as it is what I use 99% of the time on a daily basis. It will come, I’m patient. In the mean time, I love using my Apple Watch to pay at Starbucks and Timmy’s. It’s so convenient and fast.

  • Ed Cicci

    Just some info for those Amex skeptics. I just confirmed that Metro supermarkets still accepts Amex as does The Wine Shop which is in Metro as well as other major grocery chains.

  • Nyk0n

    I was actually talking about the transactional fees that AMEX charges the vendors. they are approx 5% higher than MasterCard and Visa. not the interest charges to us. this is one of the main reasons AMEX is not widely accepted in Canada.

  • Nyk0n

    i dont think that AMEX can pressure any of the big Canadian banks to change course. AMEX has too small a foothold in Canada. the other banks are all updating to tap to pay for their cards. my CIBC, MC, MC and VISA all have it. There are also loyalty cards like Starbucks and Timmes that let you pay via iphone/Apple Watch so the banks probably dont really care too much about getting their debit cards on the iOS devices just yet….as much as I want it so bad…last i read was Banks are not happy with Apples fee structure for Apple Pay so they are launching their own versions (my MC allows me to pay via its app now by bringing up a virtual card on screen..would be nice if it was in Wallet so i didn’t have to open and sign in to ever app just to pay though.

  • Rio

    I think they will still indirectly put pressure on the banks.

    A complaint of no apple pay right now to a bank is meaningless, because they are able to say it is just not available in Canada and what you doing to do about it?

    Once AMEX has it available in Canada and we start seeing people use it, consumers will have more of a voice/reason. Banks will immediately start seeing a surge in app reviews/complaints/feedback with respect to why they do not have Apple Pay. Even though the majority of people will not switch cards just because of this, banks will eventually have to listen to their consumers.

    As it is AMEX has received a fair bit of media attention just from the fact that they are the first to be announced.

  • Ed Cicci

    Sadly I have to agree. The UK banks were able to negotiate a better deal with Apple so unless our banks are greedier, if they really wanted to give us Apple Pay the could. I suspect that they don’t want to lose all that data mining capability that their apps give them .

  • Maurice

    Amex credit card will be able to added onto Apple Pay on 6:00 am November 17th according to credit card service team

  • MarkM

    It’s really a matter of opinion but I am very happy with my AMEX.
    1) it is a charge card, not a credit card: balance must be paid in full. Really keeps you honest.
    2) when I bought my last car, I put $5000 down. I did it on my AMEX and got a ton of points (which switch 1:1 with aeroplan which I *actually* use a lot)
    3) my wife and I were traveling in the US this summer, had a medical emergency and racked up $3000 in fees. I never paid a penny and the claim process with AMEX took less than an hour. Never once felt like they were looking for the dreaded escape-clause

    Not looking to start anything and I don’t work for Amex but I feel like a lot of people have been ripping on Amex for being a “bad product” every since the Apple Pay announcement.
    Sure the fees to the merchants might be higher than visa or Mc but they service they provide their customers (us) is outstanding.
    If a merchant doesn’t take Amex, I pay cash. Not the end of the world and it works for me.