Amex Apple Pay Demo: iPhone 6s Plus, Apple Watch at Shopper’s [VIDEO]


Today Apple Pay launched in Canada for American Express cardholders. If you haven’t tried out the service yet, it’s fast and really easy to use–that is if you’re at a retailer that accepts Amex and has tap-to-pay enabled.

Here’s a quick and dirty demo I filmed at my local Shopper’s Drug Mart in the picturesque seaside town of Sidney, BC.  The population here is mostly retirees so when I told the cashiers I wanted to record myself trying Apple Pay, I saw some eyes glaze over. They weren’t sure if it would work (and what it was), but I told them let’s try it anyways.

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So when I whipped out my iPhone 6s Plus to pay, it happened very quickly (for our purchase of a box of Kleenex tissue on sale for $0.89). We bought a second box with Apple Watch, but I forgot to record it as it happened so quickly, so we ended up buying a box of Halloween Smarties for $0.50. You have to love the things you buy to test Apple Pay.

To use Apple Pay on your iPhone, move the phone next to the terminal’s screen with your finger on Touch ID so it’s ready to immediately authenticate. Apple Pay will show up on the lockscreen automatically. If you want to switch cards beforehand, you can double-tap the home button to do so (if the setting is enabled).

On Apple Watch, you need to double-tap the side button to bring up Apple Pay. Then, just move your watch near the terminal and it’s done. There’s no need to authenticate, as your initial entry of your passcode when you first put the watch on in the morning is all that is required. 

By the time both demos had ended, the employees were a bit shocked and impressed at what just happened. I didn’t have time to explain how Apple Pay works other than it was just my American Express on my iPhone. And just like that, I dusted off my shoulders and strutted out of there like a boss (#micdrop).

Check out the video below:

Where were you able to test Apple Pay today?


  • Eric

    Nice demo! I tried it today too, super fast. I didn’t realize apple pay would sense the card reader and pop up without needing to double tap the home button.

  • Thanks! Yeah just move the iPhone close and keep your finger on top of the button and boom! Cash money!

  • tomm

    First I tried the Apple pay on my iPhone 6 at Serious coffe at Cook street village (Victoria) because they accept Amex and it did not work, I tried it multiple times. So I had to pay for my expresso macchiato the old fashion way with my VISA card. Next I went to Starbucks in James Bay village and the iPhone worked fine there on my 2nd macchiato. So next I tried to pay for a piece of cake still at Starbucks with my Apple watch and I failed again, multiple times, however after watching your video I think I was doing it wrong. I was double tapping the side button while twisting my arm to put the watch near the terminal and it did not work. Next time I’ll try to double tap the side button to launch the wallet app on the watch and than twist my arm to put the watch next the terminal. I am tempted to try again at Starbucks or Tim Hortons, but after so many coffees, I probably won’t be able to sleep, ha.

  • Hahah, oh boy you must be jacked from all that caffeine 🙂

    It is also unnerving too if there’s a huge line up, and here we are testing Apple Pay on various devices, hoping for it to work. Timing is definitely key, I only tell cashiers I’m paying with credit card so as to not confuse them when I mention ‘Apple Pay’ and they give me a WTF look.

  • tomm

    good idea not to mention Apple pay, just the Amex credit card. In both places, the cashiers were very accommodating, but in the morning rush hour, it might be a bit different.

  • 3Stacks

    Success at McDonalds. Accepted just as fast as a plastic card with tap to pay

  • Tim

    I would have felt… like a tool.

  • Chris

    Can you try to make you AMEX pop up by double tapping the side but in on Watch if you’re not near a terminal? Nothing happens when I double tap my side button. My card is set up on my iPhone 6s and my WATCH.

    Also is the card supposed to show up in wallet on the watch. Because it shows on wallet on my phone but not my watch.

  • Yes and yes.

    You need to add cards to Wallet on Apple Watch separately via the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Have you done that yet?

  • Chris

    I set it up in the watch app but it does not appear in my wallet app and double tap does nothing.

    But in the watch app, under the wallet app, it shows my Card that I have added plain as day. I am doing a power cycle as we speak on my watch to see if that changes anything.

    The power cycle worked and the double tap of the side button now brings up my AMEX and it now also appears in my wallet app.

    So if anyone else doesn’t see their card in the wallet app, or from a double push of the side button, try to power cycle your Watch as I just did. Seemed to fix the issue.

    Thank you Gary for reassuring me that I should be able to test the double tap when not near a terminal.

  • No problem. Good to know about the reboot and we’ll let others know too.

  • CC

    I tried out Apple Pay at KFC and on my phone, it registered that the payment went through; however, on the terminal, it was still awaiting payment. The screen on the terminal still said “Swipe or Insert Card”.

    The cashier said that the payment didn’t go through and I still needed to swipe or insert my card.

  • BC

    Do you have to tell the cashier that you want to pay with Amex or does it just happen? Tried at Sobey’s in New Brunswick and it did not work. But might not accept it yet.