An Insider’s Look at Working at the Apple Store?


Here’s an interesting Saturday read. An employee of an Apple Retail store has documented his/her ‘hate’ for working at Apple. The blog, titled “Welcome to the crApple Store” goes into detail about how working at the Apple Store is the worst job in the world.

Now, I know a few people who do work at Apple Retail stores and they have never showed such hate like this blogger. Here’s an excerpt of his/her hate for Ron Johnson, Senior VP of Apple Retail Operations:

This is the guy responsible for all the stuff that goes on in Apple Retail. If you’re doing repairs until midnight, I’m pretty sure it’s cos this guy hates your wife and your social life. It’s people like this that think they’re the ones who have made Apple so much money, they honestly believe they know what goes on in stores. And I’m sick of his f**king voice, and face, in all those sh*t videos you have to watch during the brainwashing sessions store meetings.

Here’s an image of the life-enricher in a retail store during the iPad launch. The image may or may not have been tampered with.

I’m not sure if this blog is actually real or not, but whoever is behind it is leading a very negative and toxic life. If you don’t like your job–just quit.

What do you think of this blog?

[crApple Store via ifoAppleStore]


  • Scrat

    I think he should step out of the gene pool.

  • Whoever it is, he/she needs some serious mental help!

  • Jvanderhooft

    Lol… if you don’t like your Job… ahaha

  • I could see how the job might be stressful if your one of the employees on the floor based on how busy it often is, but every job has it’s ups and downs, bitching about it is not going to fix anything.

    It’s as it says here “if you don’t like your job, then quit” I think everyone has a story of a bad working experience

  • Anonymous

    He or she makes it seem like there working as slaves, you don’t like your job tough it out for a week or two till you find another job.

  • The blogger is getting ‘jobbed’ by Jobs!

  • Me

    The blogger probable used to work for Microsoft.

  • PawLah

    I checked out this blog myself and found it to be quite entertaining, even cracking up loudly at some of the posts this guy makes. If you’ve got a sense of humor and don’t get offended with people who ‘dislike’ apple, then perhaps you’d also find yourself enjoying the crApple blog.

  • Anonymous

    wow…crazy ppl these days lmao…funny thing is i bet he wasnt complaining when he got his overtime checks after staying till midnight :P….other funny thing is “hates your wife and your social life”? lol everyone knows once ur married u hae no social life….and everyone knows u cant support a wife on Apple Retail salary (that is unless you’re working till midnight :P)….i will say that iPrick thing is quite funny though lmao

  • Anonymous

    UK Regent store.

  • Samuel

    I used to work at Yorkdale and Eaton Centre Apple Store’s when they first opened and trust me they are a pretty shitty place to work. It’s non stop metrics metrics metrics, they’re constantly coming at you showing you print outs of how much AppleCare you sold that day or Mobile Me memberships or the One to One training. It was literally every 30 minutes. It was good pay for retail but that’s about it, definitely don’t miss it there at all, glad it was just a job to make money during the summer.

  • Anonymous

    I worked at Best Buy for 3 months and it was the worst job ever, they say no pressure, no commission, this is b****t, you have to sell extended warranty and accessories package. and dont forget that every morning you have to do a retarted clap-dance-singing. try it for 1 month you’ll see.

  • JfromK

    It is gone…. booo

  • Andre

    Talking about a real life Apple store experience. A few months back I stopped at an Apple store in Ontario near Toronto. I was on my way to a national sale meeting. I work in IT and was going to give a few training sessions. I was overdue for a new laptop and always own a PC but was looking at buying a MacBook Pro to give a demonstration at the national meeting as it might be the best solution around for them. Anyway back at the store I waited a few minutes before being approached by a Staff member. I told the person that I wanted a MacBook Pro 13″ with 500Gb hard drive but will go online to purchase AppleCare next month. I never told this Apple staff member that I was in the IT business for over 20 years and that I know probably more about computers than he may think. He ask me what I was going to use the laptop for. My answer was downloads, email, pictures ans video editing, movie while on the road. His response to my surprised was ” you don’t need 500Gb hard drive 320 will be enough that I should get the AppleCare now instead”. I told him again no 500Gb is what I need. He stood there not moving waiting for me to give the OK to get the 320Gb MacBook with AppleCare looking down at me like I was dirt. I have to say that I was in a hurry to leave as time was ticking and I needed to get back on the road soon. After several exchange of what I want and what he is willing to sell me, he when off to serve another customer waiting for me to give in and get the 320 laptop. I tried to go see another sale person but was told that I started my transaction with him and should not go to see someone else. Finally being in an cul-de-sac with this vendor and having to leave like 10 minutes ago, I got the 320Gb with AppleCare and decided that I will write to the store manager to get an exchange for a 500Gb MacBook Pro and also draw a line to Steve Jobs. I have been ignore by both party and it is too late for any exchange now. I know that I can attach a 1Tb external drive to the laptop if I need more space later but this is not the point. I also never demonstrated the MacBook Pro at the National meeting.

  • I’m not sure if this blog is actually real or not, but whoever is behind it is leading a very negative and toxic life. If you don’t like your job–just qui