Analyst Claims Larger iPhone 6 Coming in Summer 2014


Piper Jefferies analyst Peter Misek thinks Apple will increase the iPhone’s screen size with the launch of the iPhone 6, which he expects to arrive in June next year, Financial Post reports.



The analyst was following up his February report, when he pointed to his sources claiming the bigger-screen iPhone 6 had been postponed because of screen-yield issues.

Now, Misek claims Apple needs that amount of time because its supply chain will be working on the iPhone 5S. He doesn’t mention an iPhone 5S release date in his follow-up report, but we know from his earlier notes to investors that from Jefferies perspective, the highly anticipated handset will arrive in June this year.

From this point of view, a yearly product release cycle could make sense, and the selling point of the iPhone 6 is expected to be — alongside the bigger screen (last time Misek mentioned a 4.8-inch display) — new colours, a faster processor, a better camera and the long-rumoured fingerprint sensor.


  • Al

    Someone (who has the free time) should collate all the different analysts’ long term predictions and then, when a product/software release occurs, do a summary to show who was right AND wrong about whatever non-obvious features (ignoring the blindingly obvious… better camera, faster processor, more memory).

  • WatDah

    I agree. But in the end they’ll all be both right AND wrong since they just report each other’s reports.

  • Might not get the 6 then, because I don’t really want to start carrying a purse for my giant phone. lol

  • K3

    people should understand that the current screen width was pure marketing spin – sure it’s just the right size to stretch your thumb across but not all hand sizes are the same.

    Bigger would be better but at this point just add a mic to the iPad mini and your “larger iphone screen size model” would be complete.


  • excaliburca

    My Z10 has a somewhat larger screen (not like the Galaxy S III mind you), and I really find it useful.