Analyst Predicts ‘iPhone 5C’ to Lack Siri, Estimated Cost of $300


Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster issued a research note to investors yesterday with this predictions on what Apple will offer this fall.

In regards to the iPhone 5C, Munster believes it will contain a plastic back, 4-inch display and hardware older than what will be in the iPhone 5S. His bold prediction is Siri will be omitted from the low-cost iPhone, comparing it to how the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 also lacked the voice feature (via AppleInsider); Siri actually debuted with the iPhone 4S. As for price, he sees the device selling for $300 and predicts cannibalization at 25%.

As for the iPhone 5S, Munster notes the iPhone 5S will indeed include a fingerprint sensor in the home button but says it will be only used for user authentication, along with usual spec upgrades. He also believes a 4.5 to 5-inch iPhone being released in the first half of 2014 (via Fortune).

Other loose predictions include the Apple ‘iWatch’ to ship in 2014 and also some sort of digital wallet based on AuthenTec technology to debut either this fall or next year. Munster also believes Apple will announce a TV this year and ship in the first half of 2014. He also agrees a thinner iPad will debut this fall along with a Retina iPad mini, similar to what other sources are already saying.

Apple is set to announce its next iPhone offering(s) at an event slated for September 10.


  • Chrome262

    But the 4 could run Siri, they chose not to do it, because of server overload. Siri can run on anything really with little hardware requirements. So, there is really no reason this couldn’t have Siri.

  • djepsilon


  • tim

    If it actually lacks Siri, then the phone is intentionally crippled and I grow angrier with this company.

  • Al

    You’re getting angry over an analysts band wagon predictions???

  • WatDah

    I’m very confused.

    So far, all rumours/reports/claims are saying the 5C’s specs are pretty much the same as the 5, but with a plastic back and cost $150-200 less (in other words, the cost of the aluminum back is $150-200). But, despite the specs being possibly identical, there should be some difference with features and stuff…. right? Wait, hang on, it’s suppose to be running the new iOS 7, so what can possibly be left out of this new OS on a new phone?

    1) Are people suppose to not feel like we got cheated, knowing Apple has deliberately hold out on more than capable hardware, if there are disabled features?

    2) If that’s not the case, and the 5C comes fully featured, are people suppose to take this huge slap in the face, knowing Apple has made a fool of those who brought unlocked iPhones last year at full price?

    3) Let’s say, that all reports so far has been false, and the 5C’s specs turns out to be less than the 5, because certainly it cannot be better. How should people justify paying money for basically just a larger screen with old/same hardware?

    4) Is this risk necessary for Apple? Taking a step backwards, or standing still at best, just so they can HOPE that people will upgrade?

    So many contradicting issues/consequences. If I asked anything absurd or stupid, please enlighten me. Thanks.

  • ward09

    Sorry but I don’t think a cheaper iPhone makes sense at $300… MAYBE at $550 with gimped features, but who would want that. On the other hand, an iPhone 5 with a plastic back for $300 would KILL 5s sales. This is weird.