Analyst: Residents of B.C. Should Not Need to Wait a Year for Services Like Uber


Analyst Benn Proctor conducted an in-depth study on Vancouver’s taxi market and concluded that the province of British Columbia should not need a year to implement ride-sharing services like Uber.

Proctor acknowledged that there are still details that need to be resolved, like deciding whether the province should compensate taxi license holders. However, he said that even these issues shouldn’t prevent the province from continuing with the implementation of the service.

In a statement, Proctor said:

“Vancouver can do a lot better and support a lot more vehicles, whether it’s taxi vehicles, whether it’s ridesharing vehicles. At the time I looked at it [in 2014], Vancouver was the worst city in Canada.”

The province’s NDP government has commissioned yet another review of the ride-sharing industry, which will be focusing specifically on taxis. The review is due next year, and the government said that the earliest residents of B.C. might see ride-sharing will be next fall.

[via Global News]


  • Bill___A

    Maybe a clean up of the taxi laws so that an appropriate amount of taxis with the appropriate prices would be in order. The costs of running a taxi should be the car and maintenance, fuel, insurance, salaries, administration, and a reasonable cost for a license and fees, as well as profits. From what i understand, the “license” in most Canadian cities is an exhorbitantly priced commodity which is higher than all other considerations – when these are sold or rented, it makes the cost increase significantly. Fix this problem and I expect that the “need” for “uber” would go away.

  • erth

    Canadians shouldn’t have been made to wait over a year for apply pay. welcome to canada, the crazy grandpa of americans. 😉