Analyst Sees Chinese-Style Voice Messaging a Major ‘iWatch’ Feature


Analyst Steven Milunovich at UBS, who recently met with Apple CEO Tim Cook, has said in an investor note today that he sees Chinese-style voice messaging as one of the chief “jobs to be done” for the rumoured ‘iWatch’, which the Cupertino giant is expected to release in October this year, Fortune is reporting.


Milunovich said that walking down the streets in China with Tim Cook, he saw people speaking into their phones sending voice rather than text messages. If this capability is ported to a watch, it would be easier to send a voice message from a device already on the wrist than pulling out a phone. “It also could aid penetration of China, which Cook said has a ways to go,” he wrote. 

It’s not hard to imagine doing that on a watch. Milunovich sees Chinese-style voice messaging as one of the chief  “jobs to be done” — along with encouraging wellness — for the iWatch Apple is rumored to be building in large quantities for release in October. Assuming they get it right, Apple will probably sell millions of the things. The only question, says Milunovich, is how many millions.

The analyst also predicted that if Apple gets the ‘iWatch’ right, the Cupertino company will see a unit ramp similar to the iPad at 21 million units in fiscal 2015 and 36 million units in fiscal 2016 at a $300 average selling price.


  • Chrome262

    that pic is cool, its like a Nest. Humm wonder if it will be that way.

  • WatDah

    Chinese-style Voice Messaging…. which is no different than ANY voice messaging. You press and hold, speak, release, and spend. The Chinese just use it way more often than others because their WeChat app is extremely popular amongst them. This story has no meaning since this feature is to be expected IF this thing is real. Come on guys, seriously, there’s been far too many click bait articles for a long while now. Notice how not many people leave comments on this blog site anymore?

  • It’s unfortunate you feel that way. The article does reflect what the analyst specifically mentioned. Can you provide your preferred and appropriate title for this story?

    As for the lack of comments, IIC readers don’t just comment for the sake of commenting. They’re smarter than that. If you want to go see troll comments or other lame comments, you won’t find them here.